I Flew 31 Times Last Year, and These Were My Biggest Outfit Mistakes

You read that right. Between a slow-to-start move from L.A. to NY, a honeymoon, countless weddings, my own wedding, some work trips, and a lot more that I can’t even remember, I literally flew 31 times last year. Of course, aside from raising my frequent flyer status on Delta, this also raised my awareness on the topic of travel attire by quite a bit.

It seems like I’ve made every mistake in the book, which is to your benefit because today, I’m sharing the biggest ones. From the wrong kind of sneakers (did you know there’s a wrong kind of sneakers?) to the pants you definitely want to avoid, simply continue on to read about my six biggest travel outfit faux pas, and of course shop the best pieces to wear instead.

Mistake #1: Leggings With a Lot of Seams 

This might sound oddly specific, but those trendy leggings with seams and panels all over them can really start to dig into you after a couple hours in the air, and it is not comfortable.

Instead, wear simple leggings or track pants

Mistake #2: Too-Tight Jackets 

A super-tight jacket, whether it’s denim, leather, or anything else will annoyingly restrict your arms and also start to feel tighter as the flight progresses and you start to swell.

Instead, wear jackets with a little room to spare

Mistake #3: Huge Handbags

If your bag doesn’t fit in under the seat in front of you or takes up too much of that space, you’re going to have to spend the whole flight retrieving and returning things to the overhead compartment.

Instead, wear softer and smaller totes

Mistake #4: Rigid Denim

As a lover of skin-tight, 100% cotton jeans, I learned the hard way that any pants you wear on a flight should really have some stretch. If not, you can end up with a stomach ache and some pretty deep creases from the seams.

Instead, wear jeans with some stretch

Mistake #5: Synthetic Tops

On a long flight, the temperatures tend to fluctuate, so the most comfortable materials are breathable and natural such as linen, cotton, or even cashmere. Especially for your choice in top, something synthetic can leave you itchy or sweaty.

Instead, wear natural fabrics

Mistake #6: Clunky Sneakers

While I learned a long time ago that sneakers, when possible, are the best type of shoes to wear on a flight, the rise of bulky sneakers has taught me that not all pairs are created equal. Try to avoid sneakers that are too clunky because they take up a good amount of your already-scarce legroom and make it hard to move your feet around.

Instead, wear more compact sneakers