The Rise of the Second Bag: What It Is and Where to Shop It

I think it's time we all should agree that the beauty of the micro bag trend is that outfits just look so much better when accessorised with something delicate and dainty. But as much as I am loyal to my petite bucket bags and tiny top-handle bags, there's not one workday that goes by where everything I need for the office fits into them. Consequently I'm forced to carry two bags, sometimes even three. I must also admit that I've been guilty of using cheap canvas tote bags to get me through the commute. (I can't be the only one?!)

And so, since I'm not giving up the mini bag trend just yet, I'm investing in a much more stylish solution: The "second bag". The best option is to go for carry-all totes, backpacks, or hobo bags, as long as they are big enough to fit the essentials—laptop, gym gear, the latest book you're reading, etc.

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A neutral tone to match every outfit. 

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