These Shoes Go Best With a Red Dress, and I Have the Pics to Prove It

a photo of a woman wearing a red dress with black shoes, a roundup of what color shoes to wear with a red dress

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While I love wearing black from head to toe on a near-daily basis, I think I may actually need to branch out. Honestly, it's probably because I've spent too much time scrolling through Instagram, which has made it nearly impossible to ignore the prevalence of a single color trend: red. It seems like all of my favorite members of the fashion set have been embracing styling dresses that come in shades of red in recent months, and they have been accessorizing to perfection. The appeal of the red dress makes sense when you consider all the various ways this style can be worn.

Not only do red dresses work for either day or night, but the styling opportunities also really run the gamut. I've seen everything from a red minidress with white sneakers in the daytime to swapping them out for strappy red sandals once the sun goes down. Because there are so many examples of how the fashion set is wearing red dresses right now, naturally, I picked up a few pointers. Ahead, I'm sharing outfit ideas that not only taught me how to wear red but also the best shoes to wear with a red dress. Keep scrolling to check out a few of my favorite shoe-and-dress combinations that you'll want to copy, stat.

Red Dress + Red Sandals

a photo of a woman wearing a red coat over a red dress with red tights and red heeled sandals

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This option is not for the sartorially faint of heart. Choosing a pair of heeled sandals that comes in the exact same shade of red as your dress is sure to pack a punch.

Red Dress + Red Ballet Flats

a photo of a woman wearing a red dress with red ballet flats and a matching leather jacket, what shoes to wear with a red dress

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Dial down the heat a bit by swapping out red sandals for red ballet flats. It will still have the safe effect when paired with your red dress, but will be a little more comfortable for a day out on the town.

Red Dress + Black Ballet Flats

a photo of a woman wearing a red knit dress with red tights and black mary jane flats

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If you prefer something a bit more approachable, try swapping out a pair of red ballet flats for a black pair of ballet flats. Bonus points if you opt for a version made from mesh or with multiple straps to add visual intrigue.

Red Maxi Dress + Black Slide Sandals

a photo of a woman wearing a red maxi dress with black slide sandals

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While ballet flats are super comfortable shoes, they are not necessarily the ideal choice for a sweltering hot summer day. Luckily, black slide sandals exist. Pairing open-toed slides with a red maxi dress is a failproof way to ensure you look good in the summertime without breaking a sweat.

Red Dress + White Sneakers

a photo of a woman wearing a red dress with white sneakers

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White sneakers make anything look just a little more casual, so feel free to wear your preferred pair with your favorite little red dress. A good pair of sneakers just makes even the most prim and proper pieces feel a little more low-key.

Red Dress + White Loafers

a photo of a woman wearing a red dress with white loafer shoes

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Want to dress up your signature red dress? Opt for classic white loafers. These preppy shoes will make even most casual frock a bit more polished.

Red Dress + Printed Slingbacks

a photo of a woman wearing a red mini dress with plaid slingback heels and a raffia bag

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Make your red mini dress stand out even more by styling it with a pair of printed slingback heels. It will allow you to incorporate other hues into your outfit's color palette without relying on a single complementary color.

Red Dress + White Kitten Heels

a photo of a woman wearing a red mini dress with white kitten heel pumps

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Are you not into prints? We get it. The next best way to make your red mini-dress a bit more ravishing is to pair it with white shoes—specifically kitten-heel pumps. The vibrancy of both colors will add visual contrast without overdoing it.

Red Dress + Tan Mules

a photo of a woman wearing a strapless red dress and tan mules

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Nude mules are a summertime essential, especially when worn with a vibrantly colored piece like a red dress. The ease of the sandals offsets the brightness of the color, so opt for minimal sandals with either a low heel or none at all.

Red Dress + Brown Knee-High Boots

a photo of a woman wearing a red dress with brown knee high boots

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PSA: Red dresses aren't meant to just be worn in the summertime! You can transition the style into the fall by pairing it with brown knee-high boots and a sleek shoulder bag. And should it be chilly, you can add a matching red or brown coat.

Red Dress + Black Boots

a photo of a woman wearing a red knit dress with black moto boots

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When wearing a dress with a flowy silhouette, try accessorizing with a pair of chunky black boots. Moto boots are trending right now, so you have a ton of options to choose from!

Red Dress + Black Strappy Sandals

a photo of a woman wearing a dark red mini dress with black strappy heeled sandals

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When it's too hot outside to wear boots, there's no better option to turn to than a pair of strappy black sandals. It's a shoe silhouette you can always rely upon to look good with various shades of red, no matter the season.

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