These Shoes Go Best With a Red Dress, and I Have the Pics to Prove It

While I love wearing black from head to toe on a near-daily basis, I think I may actually need to branch out this summer. In all honesty, it's probably because I've spent too much time scrolling through Instagram. It seems like all of my favorite members of the fashion set have been styling dresses that come in shades of red in recent months, and they have been accessorizing to perfection. Naturally, I picked up a few pointers when it comes to finding the best shoes to wear with a red dress, and I'm going to share them with all of you.

Not only does a good red dress work for either day or night, but the styling opportunities also really run the gamut. You can style a minidress with a pair of white sneakers in the daytime and then swap them out for a pair of strappy red sandals once the sun goes down. Monochrome looks always feel so intentional, no matter the color. Just find a pair of sandals that comes in the same shade of red as your dress.

Keep scrolling to check out a few of my favorite shoe-and-dress combinations. 

Red Heels


@micaelaverrelien; STYLING: H&M dress

This option is not for the sartorially faint of heart. Choosing a pair of sandals that comes in the exact same shade of red as your dress is sure to pack a punch. Choose sandals that have a low, chunky heel with a wraparound strap design for extra wearability. 

White Sneakers


@laurenelson; STYLING: The Fifth Label dress

White sneakers make anything look just a little more casual, so feel free to wear your preferred pair with your favorite little red dress. A good pair of sneakers just makes even the most prim and proper pieces feel a little more low-key. 

This dress has such a classic, retro shape. 

If you like sleek sneakers, you'll love this pair. 

I love the lace-up details on this dress. 

It's time to start your Superga collection. 

Black Platform Sandals



When wearing a dress with a flowy silhouette, try accessorizing with a pair of chunkier black sandals. Dad sandals are trending right now, so you have a ton of options to choose from! A pair with thicker straps will be the most comfortable. 

If you prefer sandals with delicate straps, try this pair. 

Tan Slides


@Ali_Tate_Cutler; STYLING: Universal Standard dress

Nude sandals are a summertime essential, especially when you wear them with a vibrantly colored piece like a red dress. The ease of the sandals offsets the brightness of the color, so opt for barely-there slide sandals.

Universal Standard makes some of the most versatile dresses on the market.