We Asked Australian Women What They Wear to Feel Empowered

Today we’re taking a moment to look back on what women have done in the past year, and anticipate what great things we can expect from women in 2018. There’s no denying that though, women are making a statement. From Margot Robbie’s new production company focusing on films made by females, to Tom Ford’s “pussy power” bags, and even the viral #MeToo Campaign and Times Up movement, female empowerment is front and centre.

We’re all for empowerment, and hope that this year continues on the same trajectory. Women are standing up, without saying sorry, to fight for what they believe in—and though that shouldn’t be a groundbreaking concept, it is sadly something that our society hasn’t seen enough of. While being an unapologetic woman can mean speaking out for equality, not all of us have a reason (or a platform) to do so.

In fact, it can be equally liberating to celebrate being a woman on personal level. After all,a huge component in the fight for equality is in recognising the worth of women, so why not start with evaluating your own self-worth? Because we believe that clothes affect how the world understands us and how we understand ourselves, it’s important to recognise that role that dressing can play in feeling empowered. If you’ve ever found that little black dress that fits just right, you likely understand the feeling.

Since personal style is so… well, personal, we decided to explore the idea empowered dressing by questioning a range of women, each with her own unique outlook. To get a little insight we reached out to some of our favourite Australian style stars to see what they wear to feel empowered, and needless to say, we’re feeling pretty inspired. Keep scrolling to read what they had to say.

Ella Jane


(Image credit: @ellajanee)

"The way I dress definitely influences how empowered I feel, however it's not subject to just one item of clothing. I could put on a silk dress and feel really empowered in the femininity of it, or an interesting suit with a printed t-shirt underneath and feel really cool and put together. Empowerment for me comes from simply knowing that I have these choices, and the ability to explore myself and my power through that. Also, shoulder pads obviously always make me feel like a boss bitch."

Ally May Carey


(Image credit: @allymaycarey)

"I feel most empowered when I am wearing wide leg pants and sneakers or wide leg pants and heels. Coupled with a red lip and I feel ready to take over the world. There’s something about a red lip that is so chic and effortless, pulled together and empowering. Red is bold and fierce."

Eleanor Pendleton


(Image credit: @eleanorpendleton)

"One of my favourite quotes is by the American author, Gore Vidal: 'Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.' For me personally, I feel strong and empowered in any outfit I carefully considered before I invested in using the money I worked hard to earn (one my favourite recent purchases is an Albus Lumen linen blazer from TheUNDONE). But, it's only when my skin is clear, my highlighter is on fleek and my hair is styled the way I like, do I truly feel confident. It's my way of saying to the world, 'This is who I am'."

Sara Crampton


(Image credit: @harperandharley)

"Feeling your most comfortable means you can get on with business and be the most confident, empowered version of yourself. A go-to look for me would be pulled back hair into a low bun, a perfectly fitted blazer, cropped black pants, a low heeled shoe and a spritz of my favourite girl boss fragrance, Le Labo Thé Noir 29." 

Talisa Sutton


(Image credit: @talisa_sutton)

"I always feel empowered in great tailoring—a suit jacket and a well cut pair of trousers can make me feel instantly composed and together. I also love the ease and sense of comfort from wearing one my favourite outfits, a white shirt with denim. Sometimes the confidence from feeling comfortable (and being yourself!) is the most empowering of all."

Chloe Brinklow


(Image credit: @chloebrinklow)

"When I am home in Australia, I love wearing denim cut-offs, a silk cami or bikini top, and bare feet. Working from my home with the beach in eye-view with the lack of conventional "uniform" is a reminder that I’ve created a life that I’ve always wanted. I get to work on big projects, with luxury brands, in my home town, wearing the same thing I wear to the beach. That makes me feel empowered."

Beck Wadworth


(Image credit: @beckwadworth)

"My two go-to outfits for feeling confident and empowered are a chic double breasted blazer with gold details, classic pumps, a white tee or silk cami and high waisted denim. It's effortless and chic and never fails me! Or, I opt for a chic black suit that cinches me in at the waist, with gold jewellery —classic, feminine and chic all in one."

Jaime Ridge


(Image credit: @jaimeridge)

"A beautifully tailored, structured, feminine suit makes me feel empowered. My style is naturally on the masculine side, so I feel comfortable but equally strong whenever I wear a suit. Paired with a beautiful heel - you can’t go wrong. Day to day, you’ll find me sporting a blazer, another key piece in my wardrobe that makes me feel empowered and strong, and can be used to instantly dress up your day look."

Lucie Ferguson


(Image credit: Baby Anything)

"I believe women wear items of jewellery to remind themselves of significant achievements in their lifetime. They feel empowered when they look down and see the ring they got themselves when they graduated from University or a necklace they bought when they landed their first big job. I believe we should all wear our hearts on our sleeves to feel empowered to be unified by love".

Carmen Hamilton


(Image credit: @carmengracehamilton)

"A chic suit - always! Pair it with a sleek black headband for a feminine touch. If I had to wear this every single day I'd die happy. Think Lauren Hutton in the '90s!"

Chloe Hill


(Image credit: @chloechill)

"For me, all it takes is something as simple as a printed dress. An outfit that is bold and easy to wear, and that innately represents my personal style and makes me happy."



(Image credit: @twiceblessed_)

"Fashion has such an amazing ability to change your mood and for us, our go-to, fail-safe option for making us feel like women of power and authority is a good blazer. We automatically feel put-together, polished and ready to take on the world!"

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