7 Weird Fall Trends We're Actually Really Into

Prada Flames Street Style


Christian Vierig/Getty Images

I was recently doing some product research for an article (or maybe I was shopping—it’s a fine line these days) when I had the realization that many of this upcoming season’s trends were, well, kinda weird. Sure, every season comes with its fair share of out-there motifs, but a few this fall have really stuck with me, and not necessarily in a bad way. Despite my relatively simple style, I’m actually pretty into some of the stranger It items of the season, and I had a hankering my co-workers would be too. To shop the most unusual trends we actually really like, keep reading…


“I’ve always been a magpie, so I fully embrace sparkly things (in moderation). I advise wearing this trend with simple pieces like jeans and T-shirts to avoid looking completely over-the-top.”


“I’ve always loved a good Western ankle boot, but this season I’m considering taking it one step further with a full-length cowboy style. There are just so many cool options!”


“This one surprised me, too, since neons are notoriously un-chic, but I’m totally on board with wearing the electrifying hue super casually, styled with jeans and sneakers.”


“Up until fairly recently, shoulder pads felt like the punchline of a fashion joke—exaggerated, dated, and out of style (or so it was assumed). But I have to say I’m intrigued by the return of ’80s fashion. I love how bold it all is, and though my shoulders haven’t gotten any kind of boost just yet, the season’s still young.”


“I’m not sure there are many appropriate places to wear the balaclava trend unless you’re trekking during a snowstorm or perhaps camping, but I like anything cozy and quirky.”


“I’m super into the futuristic-vibe things like sleek ultra-skinny sunglasses and loads of patent leather. I don’t think I can actually pull off the teeny sunglasses, but I 100% support the look.”


“I don’t wear a ton of patterns, but I never shy away from animal prints—and this fall, I’ll be reaching for zebra. I’ll be wearing it in the form of cool heels, but also a statement coat inspired by a photo of Kate Moss from the ’90s.”

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