10 Wedding-Ring Style Trends That Will Take Over This Wedding Season

When it comes to bridal jewelry, your wedding ring will always be the key piece of your big day and all the days after that. So whether you want to stick to tradition and opt for classic wedding-ring styles or you're a true modern bride and are eyeing more alternative ring styles, the pressure of choosing the one is quite high. However, the lovely thing about your wedding day and deciding how it's going to go down is that you're creating a tradition of your own.

With that in mind, we have chosen 10 wedding-ring styles (of the many out there) with various shopping options for each. We know commitment is scary, but we suggest—as with everything—sticking with your gut, as there's a good chance it'll always be right. Scroll on to decide which one to say "I do" to.

Opening Image: @honeynsilk