I Can Think of at Least 15 Ways to Wear These Useful Closet Basics


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It’s snowing, and it’s time for spring cleaning. Yes, I know it’s still winter, but my New York shoebox apartment is bursting at the seams with clothing, and I need to condense. 

See, I am what some would call a hoarder. I love all my clothing and have such a hard time getting rid of pieces. This may be one of the reasons I have a beanstalk of a shoe rack stacked on top of my closet filled with pairs of shoes I have not touched in five seasons. It took going home for Thanksgiving and coming back to really look at my room with clear eyes and come to see that this is no way to live. And thus, spring cleaning commenced before the holidays. 

Throughout my cleaning process, I realized that the most important things are the basics. While I have glittery sneakers and funky, furry coats, I really only wear my closet staples: my favorite jeans, classic black leggings, a white tank top, and other solid pieces that make up my day-to-day wardrobe. And as much as I love an occasional pop of color or texture, it’s time to make room for my closet’s basics because those are the clothes that I actually live in.

The best part about these closet basics is that they can go with literally anything and be worn any which way. A simple leather jacket can drape over something as casual as a denim dress or be thrown over something as classy as a black LBD. And so I moved all of these staples to the front of my closet and moved my, say, less conventional pieces under my bed. 

Now when I go to my closet to pull an outfit together, I see all of the basics I know I actually wear, and I can think of at least 15 ways to wear these useful closet basics. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite staples below.


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