Wayman And Micah Team Up With Foster Grant For The Chicest Eyewear Collection


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Wayman Bannerman and Micah McDonald are a Los Angeles-based styling duo. They joined forces in 2013 after enjoying separate careers in the fashion industry, with Wayman at Conde Nast publications and Micah at Marc Jacobs and Alice + Olivia. Known for unpredictable details and a shared passion for highlighting client’s personality on the red carpet, Wayman and Micah have established themselves among the industry’s top tastemakers. I spoke with them about there collaboration with Foster Grant, the inspiration behind the glasses, more about each unique style, and much more. 

Tell me about your relationship with Foster Grant and the Styles for Y.O.U. line

We are huge fans of the style, accessibility and innovation that Foster Grant and the Styles for Y.O.U. line represents! We are thrilled to celebrate and showcase the unique variety of styles and features that the new Styles for Y.O.U. collection of eyewear can provide. We take pride in being able to bring awareness to the new collection and applaud the specifications and innovation that the line brings to complement individual’s differences. Fashion SHOULD be inclusive- something that fits and frames every single face. We are so excited that this line does just that

What makes the Styles for Y.O.U. line unique?

This brand-new line of sunglasses, reading glasses and blue light glasses provide an extensive range of styles, sizes, color tones and fits that compliment and celebrate all the beautiful qualities that make you, Y.O.U. The collection was innovatively crafted to fit a range of diverse face shapes, sizes and features. In releasing this ground-breaking collection, Foster Grant has pioneered the way eyewear should be interpreted by consumers, focusing on inclusive fits and styles for all. Inclusivity and diversity in fashion should absolutely extend to eyewear. Styles for Y.O.U. has reinvented the way customers perceive eyewear, with a broad selection of designs and styles that are intentionally created to fit and complement a variety of diverse face shapes.

How do the pillars of the collection align with your vision for style?

The pillars of the collection, self-expression, inclusivity, innovation and accessibility mean so much to us and are cornerstones in current fashion, which is what motivated us to support this great new line. Everyone is different – and everybody needs something different when it comes to styling. As the industry authority, Foster Grant’s new Styles for Y.O.U. collection has reinvented eyewear in a way that is inclusive of all face shapes.

What are the hero styles? 

The Foster Grant Styles for Y.O.U. collection includes 25 total styles across sunglasses, reading glasses, and blue light glasses. Unique fits include styles for customers with low nose bridges, high cheekbones, and/or wider faces.

Where is this collection sold?

The Foster Grant Styles for Y.O.U. collection is available on fostergrant.com and amazon.com for $30.95. It’s a great price point for a fantastic product.

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