20 Warm Winter Boots You Can Actually Trust


(Image credit: @littleblackboots )

The cold weather is all fun and games until you can't feel your fingers or your toes. We all love layering during the fall and winter, but sometimes no matter how many layers of clothing or socks you might have, a small breeze manages to sneak through. However, there are a few game-changing items in the market that will solve your layering and cold-weather woes. From lightweight and oversize turtlenecks to leggings and chunky socks, we all have a piece we completely vouch for.

At Who What Wear, that piece is warm winter boots—emphasis on warm. Because there's nothing better than heading outside and knowing that at least one part of your body will be safely secured behind a soft layer of warmth, right? Plus, they make you feel like you're prepared for anything Mother Nature might throw at you, whether it may be a random afternoon downpour or a heavy snowstorm.

So, if you want to find out which are our current favorite winter boots and stock up on these gems before temperatures dip any lower, behold the warmest women's winter boots that will change the game (that game being your wardrobe). From staple Chelsea boot styles and some with chunky soles and colorful laces to classic Timberlands and Uggs, you'll find here a pair that will keep you warm no matter what, guaranteed.

But if you wanted cool winter shoes that aren't boots, you should consider these