7 Basics I Wear to Make My Outfits Feel Cooler

Let’s just get this out of the way first—you should always wear whatever you love and what makes you feel the most comfortable. When you do that, nobody’s outfit can ever truly be “cooler” than yours. However, as someone who’s worked in fashion for 10 years and shops all the time (oops), I’ve come to the recollection that there are a few key pieces—“basics” in my wardrobe—that do tend to amp my vibe up whenever I wear them.

These items have become staples in my wardrobe because they not only embrace my personal style and empower me, but they also tend to get a compliment or two from others whenever I wear them—win-win. So it’s these must-haves I return to again and again to make me feel “cool.” Okay, enough from me, let’s get to some visual inspiration. Keep scrolling to check out the seven fashion items and accessories that make my outfits feel cooler (modeled on some of my favorite fashion people), and shop them if you’re interested in testing them out for yourself.

1. Moto Jacket
Moto jacket outfit



I’ve gone over this before, but to me, a moto jacket is the simplest way to make literally any outfit feel cooler thanks to its “downtown” nature.

2. Sneakers
Easy outfit with Nike sneakers



While booties and heels also get the job done, adding sneakers to your vibe brings that no-fuss feel to an ensemble.

3. Silk Scarf
Easy outfit with a scarf



Sometimes it’s just about the details, like adding a silk scarf to amp up a look.

4. Statement Bag
Easy outfit with a bright bag



I always have an interesting bag on hand to accentuate my outfits—whether that’s a bright stunner like this one or a more subtle clutch. 

5. Jeans
Easy outfit with jeans



Like a moto jacket, going for skinnies or straight-leg jeans instead of trousers give off that desired laid-back feel.

6. Unique Belt
Easy outfit with a belt



No perfect outfit is complete without the right extras. I never forget about a belt to tie my cool look together. 

7. Hoodie
Easy outfit with a hoodie



Okay, first off, every piece of this wardrobe is cool—but it’s the hoodie I’m going to touch on most because like a moto jacket and jeans, the slouchy knit just embodies a pared-down cool vibe. 

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