This One Item Is the Missing Link for Any Wardrobe

I recently broke down the one item in my wardrobe that makes anything I’m wearing feel 100% cooler. Yep, it’s a moto jacket I can’t live without, and after thinking about this more and scoping stylish leather ’fits on Instagram, I realized that the trusty topper can do far more than make an ensemble feel edgy. I believe a moto jacket is actually the missing link in any wardrobe.

There’s the whole notion that the perfect style can make your look feel cool and “downtown,” but beyond that, the trusty topper just inherently makes anything you’re wearing feel “styled” and put together in general. If you think about a jeans-and-pullover outfit as-is, and then imagine it with a biker jacket layered on top, you have a transformed look that’s incredibly forward. And this goes for anything else—a skirt-and-blouse situation, a dress on its own, and so on.

What I’m trying to say is this one item can be the glue that takes any outfit to the next level. To highlight this point further, I’m showcasing some of my favorite outfits of the moment featuring leather jackets, and have curated a few of my must-have styles if you’re looking to invest in a new style to complete your wardrobe once and for all.

You can't deny the power of the perfect third piece (in this case the leather jacket) to finish a look.

While this sweat suit is cool as it is, the leather jacket brings it to another dimension.

A slouchier moto jacket brings a cool twist to this turtleneck-and-jeans 'fit.

The Best Moto Jackets for Perfect Outfits



Proof that a moto jacket can legit go with anything, even a fun printed dress.

You can't go wrong with the moto jacket, T-shirt, and jeans. The combo just always works.

Give a more dressed-up look a hint of edge with a moto jacket featuring a shearling collar. 

A leather jacket can even work for a more casual office setting, with trousers, a blouse, and ankle boots.