I'm Pretty Positive These 30 New Zara Arrivals Will Go Viral on TikTok

I’m not exactly what you would call a TikTok expert. I know—I’m the worst Gen Zer ever. But I do happen to know which Zara items will go viral on TikTok next. We all remember the satin midi dress that was so popular Zara ended up making it in essentially every colorway under the sun and the viral Zara corset top. I have worn both of these items, and they were worth the hype. There are three things required to make a Zara item go viral: 1. The item has to be flattering no matter what, 2. the item has to be easy to style, and 3. the item has to be on the trendy side. These three usually create the perfect storm of a viral Zara item, and if you want your favorite Zara pick to be manufactured in every color you can think of, you better cross your fingers it gets millions of views. 

I’ve rounded up 30 items that I think meet these TikTok-viral criteria. Keep scrolling to see what I’m eyeing.