Victoria’s Secret Creates International Bombshell’s Day

Leave it to Victoria’s Secret, a brand synonymous with celebrating women and beauty, to create a national holiday that honours just that: women being the wonderful women they are. The first Saturday in May of each calendar year is officially designated International Bombshell’s Day, which encourages ladies to spend time with their girlfriends and take a moment and enjoy being beautiful and pampered. Sounds like a great holiday to us! We chatted with VS model Candice Swanepoel about how she plans to celebrate, what being a bombshell means to her, and more, so keep reading for our exclusive interview.

How will you be celebrating Bombshell Day this year?

I have no idea what part of the world I will be in, but hopefully I will be with my girlfriends and we can go out and have a drink, or I can celebrate with my boyfriend if I’m not with friends. I think Bombshell’s Day is just a nice excuse for us girls to pamper ourselves.

What does being a bombshell mean to you?

To me, being a bombshell is being unapologetically feminine, embracing your curves being happy to be a woman, and maybe throwing on eyeliner or a red lip. It’s being confident in whatever shape or size you are.

What’s your favourite activity to do with your girlfriends?

When we are all in the same city, which is hardly ever, we just like to do something really relaxed, like having dinner, getting a message together, or just hanging at home and having some tea. Maybe go out dancing once in a while.

How do you pamper yourself?

If I’m going to pamper myself, I will definitely get a message—that’s my guilty pleasure. Or just catch up on sleep. I love to just have days off alone at home to catch up on everything and watch movies and chill.

What’s the one article of clothing that makes you feel instantly sexy the moment you put it on?

I think a good pushup bra is definitely something that can make you feel sexier. It can give you that Marilyn Monroe silhouette. I love the Bombshell Bra ($50-$62), but for every day push up the Dream Angels collection is the perfect amount for me. Also, just a classic pair of black lingerie always makes me feel good. 

Will you be celebrating Bombshell's Day this year? Tell us how below!

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