18 Victoria Beckham Style Secrets Anyone Can Copy

If you were to enroll in our (imaginary) Victoria Beckham style school, you'd come out on the other side as an infinitely chicer and noticeably always pulled-together kind of lady. VB's fashion persona is nothing short of impeccable—never a hair out of place or a mismatched accessory to be seen.

Sure, she's powered through many a highly documented fashion phase over the years (we're particularly into her LBD collection), but since establishing a firm place within the industry's top echelons, Victoria Beckham—the designer—has proven time and time again to set trends and the agenda for working women, mums, handbag obsessives, and pretty much anyone with a general interest in looking sophisticated rather than try-hard or grunge-y. 

Of late, Victoria Beckham's style has continued to flourish and after collating a batch of her best recent looks, more than a couple of familiar trends and outfit ideas started to present themselves. There is a key lineup of subtle tweaks that the leader adds to her most successful ensembles. They're so tiny you could miss them, so we've brought them into one place…

From the way she tucks her shirts to the accessory rules (we swear) she lives by, keep reading to see Victoria Beckham's style decoded into a handy guide.

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Opening Images: Getty/Rex