I Just Tried Victoria Beckham Beauty's New Bronzer, and I'm in Love

Every beauty lover has their kryptonite. Some hoard eye shadow palettes, some can recite skincare INCI lists from memory, and others have a serious thing for haircare. Me? I get my kick out of bronzers. And as a beauty journalist, it’s safe to say that I’ve tried a fair few in my time. 

In fact, every single bronzer that comes my way gets tested, and that’s saying something. Considering I receive anywhere between five and 10 parcels a day containing the latest launches, it’s needless to say I probably only get a chance to give around 10% of them a proper test drive. And when it comes to makeup, that percentage is even less. You see, I’m a low-maintenance-makeup kind of gal. I like swipe-it-on-and-go products, and I like to keep my edit tight. But when it comes to bronzers, I just can’t help myself.


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So when the new Victoria Beckham Beauty Matte Bronzing Brick landed on my step a few weeks ago, suffice it to say I got giddy with excitement. I’m already a huge fan of VB Beauty. Big. Huge. I’ve been anticipating a bronzer release for some time. Impatiently waiting, if you will. Let’s face it—VB herself always has an immaculately bronzed complexion, and I wanted in on it.

And while with most products, I’m keen to get my reviews out as soon as possible, when it comes to bronzers, I like to take my time. So after first getting my hands on the compact, I spent the following couple of weeks testing it in different lights and using it in different ways. After using it in every single way that one can feasibly use a bronzer, I am proud to conclude that if I could marry this bronzing beauty, I would.


(Image credit: @SHANNONLAWLOR)

Shannon wears Victoria Beckham Beauty Matte Bronzing Brick in shade 02.

First of all, let’s just talk about the packaging. It’s weighty, it’s chic, it’s a work of art. Since having it in my possession, I’ve insisted on keeping it out on display, showcasing it like the masterpiece ornament that it is. And as for the formula? It’s even better than I could have hoped. The fact that it has two shades, one lighter and one darker, means you’re free to customise the finish to your heart’s content, which I am very much a fan of.

I like my bronzer to be matte, which this is. I like to swipe it over my face and to look like I’ve just stepped off the desert, looking slightly dishevelled but unmistakably sun-kissed. For all I care, my hair can be greasy, my brows can be a mess, but as long as I have a matte, powdery bronzer that makes my skin radiate health, I’m feeling like my best self. 

This stuff is seriously pigmented but not difficult to blend. It’s not one of those wishy-washy products that need building up. You get immediate pay-off. It’s holiday skin in bronzer form. The best bit is it comes in an impressive five shades, catering to a whole bunch of different skin tones. Whether it’s swiped over the nose, dusted into the hairline, blended onto collarbones or brushed onto lids, it’s always strikingly beautiful. And if you don’t believe me, ask any one of the 10 people who commented on my sun-baked radiance this week.

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