I Don't Have a Specific Style Type, But I Know What I Like—These 31 Items

Allyson Payer



Even though I've been a fashion editor for almost a decade and pretty much eat, sleep, and breathe fashion, whenever someone asks me to describe my style, I struggle. It's not that my aesthetic changes all that often; it's just that I don't really have a specific one. And I'm okay with that. I know what I like to wear, but I just can't find the right specific terms to attach to it. An upside of this is that I don't really feel boxed in to a specific aesthetic and can try whatever trends I like whenever I want without worrying about it suiting my "vibe."

As someone without a specific style type, I find shopping pretty fun. My wardrobe is a bit all over the place, so I don't feel the need to rule out a ton of trends or items. But what I do try to shop for on a regular basis are versatile items and cool accessories that enhance these items. Scroll to join me and shop 31 gems on my radar right now.

I love a no-frills white dress. This one is perfection.

If you can't make it to L.A. to get a tattoo from prolific artist Daniel Winter (of winterstone), he just released a set of temporary tattoos with Inked by Dani featuring some of his signature designs. Needless to say, I want them.

Asics are the new It sneaker brand, and they're already selling out everywhere.

They look as cool from the side as they do from the front.

A great price for such a perfect leather jacket.

These are one of those pairs of shoes I go back to look at often.

Flares are the denim trend people are trading skinny jeans for. This pair is particularly polished.

I just tried this on, and it's the perfect oversize fit.

This standout top will bring you tons of compliments every time you leave the house in it.

The color of this tote is perfect.

Allow me to introduce you to my new favorite affordable watch brand.

My favorite way to celebrate the start of summer is with a new Dôen dress to wear.

Elastic-waist shorts that are actually cool exist.

If I had another wedding to go to this summer, I'd wear this.

This is feeding my nylon-bag obsession.

Now that I've seen this, I'm officially buying into the maxi skirt trend.

In other skirt news, I also need to get myself short one.

Since oversize denim jackets are cool again, now would be a good time to order this.

I love finding unique summer dresses for under $100.

Another thing I love finding for under $100: great straight-leg jeans.

I'm not usually into sweaterdresses, but I own this one, and it's the exception. Pro tip: Try it with sneakers.

Perfect heels like this are the reason the clear-shoe trend refuses to fade.

I'd wear this over a swimsuit of any color.