6 Things New York Girls Look Amazing in Every Time

New York prides itself on being one of the world's leading fashion capitals, an accolade its residents have definitely earned. But while the city is full of individuals with their own personal approach to style, it's undeniable that New Yorkers often find themselves on the same wavelength. Maybe it's the fact that they're surrounded by a living, breathing Instagram feed—streets filled with similarly stylish women that can provide inspiration at every turn—but there are a few items and outfit formulas that the entire city seems to adopt. 

We've managed to find six summer-appropriate looks that New York girls pull off flawlessly, every time. But fear not if you don't carry a NY state ID. The secret sauce to pulling off these looks outside of the urban jungle is to throw in a little of what New York ladies exude best: self-confidence in your style. See how you can get the rest of the look straight ahead. 

Short Suits

Short suits have easily become a New York summer staple. Skip more traditional suiting additions like button-down shirts and opt instead for a baby tee and layered necklaces. 

Sheer-Sleeve Tops

New Yorkers have this uncanny ability to make any kind of clothing work for their everyday look, sheer items included. 


Even New York's intense humidity doesn't stop its residents from pulling on a good boilersuit, a sturdy all-in-one look that's as tough as its surrounding environment. 

Chunky Sneakers With A Billowy Midi Dress

We're pretty sure New Yorker's invented the idea of pairing a gown with sneakers. Where else are urban dwellers this mindful about maintaining comfortable commutes?

Red and Khaki

Every so often, we come across a color combo that it seems like everyone is unintentionally clued into. This year, New York girls are tuning into red-and-khaki ensembles.

Lemon On Lemon

This summer-friendly hue is proving to be a big hit on the city streets. Stack the color with pre-made sets or grab your nearest pastel pieces and mix and match one together yourself. 

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