I Switched Over to Vegan Skincare—Here Are My Thoughts

Here at Who What Wear, we're committed to helping you, the members of our beauty community, find the results-driven products that are right for your lifestyle. Whether your skincare objectives are centered around fighting acne, anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, or any of the myriad concerns in between, we are constantly aiming to bring you the information to help you make empowered choices about the products you bring into your routine.

One area we're consistently curious about is vegan skincare. There's a lot of noise out there about its benefits and drawbacks, and we knew that if we, as editors, were still combing through the details, then consumers were likely struggling to do your due diligence as well. In an effort to open up the conversation and create some clarity, we wanted a member of our devoted community to be involved in this process with us. That's why we decided to choose one of you to test-drive Versed skincare (our sister brand, which is 100% vegan) for a full week to dive headfirst into how switching to a clean, vegan skincare regimen might work for the everyday woman.

Below, meet our tester, Deb. She's a skin enthusiast, content creator, and healthcare professional who wanted to know a bit more about vegan skincare and how it could fit into a busy lifestyle. Our pals over at Versed put together a routine tailored to Deb's specific needs and concerns so that she could put it to the ultimate test. Ahead, check out Deb's honest thoughts on her personalized vegan skincare regimen.

I Switched Over to Vegan Skincare–Here Are My Thoughts | Before


Deb Burnett

The background: "As someone who struggled with a long-term cycle of active breakouts, my main skin care concerns are hyperpigmentation and adequate hydration that doesn’t clog my combination skin. Given my background as a healthcare clinician, I am aware that my lifestyle choices have a direct effect on my skin. Though I am not vegan, I am a firm believer in a balanced way of living."

Why vegan skincare? "I am interested in a vegan skincare routine for two reasons, the first being the positive impact it can have on animals and the environment. Secondly, vegan skincare is more simple in terms of ingredients. With so many brands and products to choose from, it will be nice to take a break from so many steps and utilize a pared-back regimen from a single brand."

Here's What She Used

"Although I normally don’t prefer to have essential oils in my skincare routine, the peppermint oil in this product left a very subtle mint scent that did not irritate my skin. I expect cleansers to effectively lift dirt and grime without leaving my skin feeling stripped or dry, and this cleanser delivered."

"The vitamin C serum felt thin in consistency and not tacky. It also contains niacinamide, which reduces inflammation and evens out skin tone, and palmaria palmata extract, which inhibits melanin production. Using this every morning for one week, I did not see a lifting of my chronic hyperpigmentation, but it did provide an overall glow for my morning routine."

"I'd used this eye cream before, so I already knew I loved it. It contains ethically sourced mica, which provides instant brightening. Using this day and night consistently for one week did not cause milia around my eye, which is a problem I sometimes have with heavier-based eye creams like this one."

"I was weary to try this since I prefer gel-based moisture and hydration. However, as I was introducing new actives from the Stroke of Brilliance Serum and the Shortcut Overnight Facial Peel, I welcomed the extra-rich moisture. I used it morning and night, and my skin felt soft and supple with each use. Even for my combo skin, it did not feel greasy. This will definitely be a staple in my routine from now on."

"I used this three times over the week, and I did experience slight irritation after the first use. The  Hydrating Plumping Mask countered this irritation, and by night three, my skin appeared clearer and brighter."

"I used this mask the day after I used the overnight peel to ensure hydration and prevent signs of irritation from the intense exfoliation."

I Switched Over to Vegan Skincare–Here Are My Thoughts | After


Deb Burnett

The Versed verdict: "Overall, using Versed for one week really simplified my routine and worked perfectly with my busy on-the-go lifestyle. I am a fan of how affordable it is and what the brand chooses not to put into its formulations (including silicones and synthetic fragrances). Versed makes quality skincare that’s accessible to all, and it aligns with my own personal values of inclusion. Though I may not be a vegan, I truly believe simple swaps such as adding vegan products to one’s routine can have a profound effect."