I'm Going OOO Just so I Can Show Off These 16 Vacation-Worthy Pieces

Verishop Vacationwear


Original Illustration by Amy Armani

I have a bone to pick with adulthood, and it has to do with spring break. Once March rolls around, so many questions swirl through my mind: What ever happened to the mandatory spring break we had as kids? Why isn't that a thing anymore, and who's responsible for this atrocity? It's time we reclaim these vacation days, and I'm starting with a trip down south. Out of pure excitement, I started packing early, and the items below deserve to come with me. This edit of swimwear, beach cover-ups, sandals, and beauty products from Verishop is just what I need for a week's worth of relaxation. Keep scrolling to shop my selects—and put in that PTO request. You deserve it!

This Season's Swimwear

Beach-Ready Footwear

Beauty-Bag Favorites