I Haven't Done a Random Amazon Roundup in a While—Here Are My Best Finds of 2023

Anouk Yve with Apple laptop



I must've been a lot busier going from store to store to acquire things before Amazon existed. I feel as though I order everything I need on it these days without even leaving the house. (Don't worry—I leave the house for other reasons.) If you looked at my robust Amazon order history, you'd be either impressed or alarmed by my ability to find anything and everything on the site—trash bags, luxury candles, trendy socks, and dog shampoo included. 

Every so often, I like skimming through my order history and saved cart for future orders so that I can share my greatest Amazon finds with you. I must say I've discovered some pretty great stuff this year, and there's no point in keeping it all to myself. With that, scroll away if you're as reliant on Amazon as I am. Some of these items are seriously life-changing.

This highly rated pillowcase will definitely be part of my next Amazon order.

If you find yourself throwing a party soon, order these pretty plates and do something else with the time you would've spent doing the dishes.

This candle is my new obsession—it's intoxicating.

I've tried so many lash serums, but this one has given some of the fastest results I've seen.

This no-frills lip balm is so good that I buy it in bulk.

I can't figure out why I traveled with a full-sized straightener for so many years.

I plan on making this my new summer eye cream.

This sleek and simple trash can comes in a ton of colors.

The rumors are true—these look good on everyone.

These are magic. They make me look instantly awake.

It can't hurt to keep these in your handbag just in case.

I ordered this fun glitter polish in multiple colors to use with my LED lamp.

Speaking of nail polish, I've been wearing this ridiculously pretty one on my toes.

File this under "Why didn't I think of that?"

I bought this for my desk, and it has kind of changed my life.

This is the only face wash I've tried that actually takes every stitch of makeup off.

I just ordered this pretty SPF lip treatment in anticipation of summer.

These make my towels and linens ridiculously fluffy.

Another life-changing find that I'm bringing on every trip from here on out.

These trendy socks are surprisingly soft.

I didn't think this was necessary until I used it for the first time—my makeup brushes have never been cleaner. 

You can't go wrong with this tried-and-true phone case, but good luck choosing a color.

These versatile wine glasses make a lovely gift to yourself or someone else.

These affordable makeup sponges work like a dream.

Another makeup-application game-changer.

I ordered these after realizing all of my gift tags are holiday themed.

Once you start using this lovely detergent, you'll never go back.