Everyone's Favorite Bag Trend Is Dying Out


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If you were to rattle off one of the It bag styles of 2018, the belt bag would undoubtedly be one of the first trends to come out of those lips. Full disclosure: I personally love the fanny-pack look for the functionality (hello, hands-free) and the fact that slinging one over your body adds just the right amount of cool to your outfit. But here’s the thing—I just may be in my own little world with that. After chatting with a handbag expert, it appears people are actually buying fewer belt bags than they used to.

Sarah Davis, the mastermind behind luxury resale handbag and accessories shop Fashionphile, filled me in on the latest on this trend, which customers used to pay a premium to own (yes, even resale). “Fanny packs were super hot and flying off the shelves starting in fall 2018 and through this summer, like literally couldn’t keep one on the site,” said Davis. “But we’ve seen them cooling off a bit this fall and suspect to in the coming months.” Well, there you have it, straight from the expert.

Now, if you’re still into the trend, by all means, go for it (I am). But if you too are feeling the decline, consider another stylish crossbody bag instead. To that, go on to shop some of our favorite crossbody bags of the moment (including It silhouettes from Fashionphile), inspired by the street style elite.


Structured Crossbody Bag
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Mini Crossbody Bag
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Classic Crossbody Bag
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Chain Crossbody Bag
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Nylon Crossbody Bag
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