It's True—Uniqlo's £15 Bag Is Officially 2023's Hottest Item

Be they a content creator, an editor or someone who simply loves to shop, every self-confessed "fashion person" has their thing. Some love shoes, others have brimming jewellery boxes, but for me, it's all about bags. Over my life so far, I've accumulated my treasures, from high-end investments to high-street gems and little-known brands that will hold space in my handbag wardrobe forever. Right now, however, there's one bag that's left all the rest tucked into dust bags in my wardrobe: Uniqlo's shoulder bag


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As you'll soon discover, I could talk about bags all day long. Along with the various trending styles and statement bags I've accumulated, there's a special place in my heart for bags that combine utility and style. And this Uniqlo bag ticks both of these off. Even better, it comes in at under £15. But trust me, there's plenty more to love about this handbag. 


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When I first saw the Uniqlo crossbody trending on TikTok, I figured it was simple, sleek and useful. When I bought it, I realised there was much more to it than first meets the eye. Firstly, the rounded shape and soft construction are perfect for running errands, going to work and basically any plans you have. Secondly, you'll find two pockets inside to keep the essentials (read: lip balm) close to hand. Finally, and most importantly, the size is incredibly deceptive. As someone who tends to overpack for even a simple coffee run, I can say this bag fits far more than you'd ever guess. Things I've fit into this bag include an umbrella, my full makeup bag and my greatest achievement, a full-size Pret baguette plus ginger shot. So if you're looking for a minimalist, understated bag that does more, this little bag ticks all the boxes.


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What's more, as shopping data experts at Lyst just revealed this week, Uniqlo's shoulder bag is officially 2023's most in-demand item, based on the online shopping behaviour of more than 200 million shoppers a year searching, browsing and buying fashion across brands and stores online. It also takes into account social media mentions and traction.

Speaking of the bag, Lyst said, "Uniqlo’s shoulder bag is the hottest product of the quarter. Retailing at under £15, it’s the cheapest product to ever be featured in The Lyst Index. It went viral on TikTok, generating over 59 million views on the platform and has sold out multiple times across multiple colourways." Seriously impressive. 


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Convinced? Keep scrolling to shop the Uniqlo bag that's living rent free in my mind (and wardrobe). 


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