I Just Tried on Uniqlo's Summer Collection, and It Feels So Premium

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Linen and I go way back. Ever since my early 20s, I've been a fan of white linen trousers—the main reason being I felt like they made me appear more sophisticated. And actually, I think they did. The thing about linen is that it immediately makes everyone think you're a grown-up and you've got yourself together, even when it looks a little wrinkled. It has a slouchy nonchalance that gives the impression you're a rich lady on holiday. Right now, linen is having a revival thanks to the resurgence of the minimalist trend over the past few seasons, and it's a material I find myself returning to every summer. It's especially ideal for keeping you cool in heatwaves but means you can still stay smart. 

Handily, Uniqlo has just launched its latest linen collection, and it all looks expensive. From boxy shirts to flowy trousers as well as oversize dresses and shackets, there are some seriously smart (yet incredibly comfortable) pieces to choose from. They're great for your working-from-home wardrobe (hello, Zoom outfit) and flexible enough for going on a walk. Keep scrolling to see the ways to style the latest collection, and shop the key pieces.


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Style Notes: I love matching the colour of my shirt with my trousers. Here, I've opted for the boxy linen shirt with high-waisted trousers. You can leave the shirt untucked, but I like the silhouette with it in. Finish it off with a gold chain (mine's vintage). 


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Style Notes: I love minimalism and muted colours, but sometimes you need something a bit punchier. I love the yellow hue of this shirt jacket paired with the black trousers. Important: These trousers were as comfortable as any joggers. 


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Style Notes: Full disclosure: I didn't think I'd like this dress, but when I put it on, I loved it. The tie helps to make it feel chicer and more polished. I added a pair of gold earrings and some red lipstick to give it a gentle glamorous edge. Finally, there's the belted jacket, which is more like a trench coat. Wear on a walk or just around the house.


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