16 Underrated Eye Products That Actually Combat Puffiness, Dark Circles and More

Most of us will experience one or a combination of eye-related skin concerns during the course of our lives. Between dark circles, fine lines, dry skin, and puffiness, it's fair to say that our eye area has a lot to deal with. It makes total sense—the skin near our eyes is the most thin and delicate area of our face, so it's often the first place to show signs of irritation, dryness, and ageing.

Naturally, the beauty industry has provided us with a bounty of products designed to address these concerns (should you so wish). From eye creams and eye serums to eye masks and patches, concealers, and colour correctors, there are a whole host of makeup and skincare products designed to address everything from under-eye bags to pigmentation and crow's feet. In principal, this sounds great, right? But when it comes to finding a product that actually works, it can be hard to see through the lofty claims and marketing spiel that surrounds every new product launch.


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The thing is, these products are up against some seriously tough work. Dark circles are hereditary, fine lines are exacerbated by eye movement (hardly avoidable), and puffiness is linked to the skin's lymphatic system. Basically, don't expect instant and ground-breaking results—choose your products wisely, use them consistently, and give them time to work their magic.

As you might expect (or may already know), for every effective eye product out there, there are at least ten ineffective products. Finding the best eye products really is no mean feat. Fortunately, I've done a lot of testing in my years as a beauty editor and esthetician, so I know which eye products are worth the hype and which ones are majorly overrated. Scroll down to discover the underrated eye products that actually work.

The Best Underrated Eye Creams and Serums:

The Best Underrated Eye Masks & Treatments:

The Best Underrated Under-Eye Concealers and Correctors:

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