27 Under-$50 Nordstrom Finds That Have the Reviews to Back Them Up

Straightforward enough, right? I know you love Nordstrom. I know you love a good under-$50 find. And if you don’t love the comfort of buying something with anywhere from a handful to several hundred positive customer reviews, I don’t know what to tell you other than you should.

As you probably already gathered, today I’m marrying the three aforementioned factors into one neatly packaged shopping roundup featuring 27 items that are as dependable as they are covetable and, of course, all from Nordstrom. From tops and sweaters to slippers, socks, and pj’s, below is what can only be described as the ultimate fashion shopping list for both right now and the months ahead. However, you don't have to take my word for it. To see (and shop) for yourself, just keep scrolling. 

I love the somewhat polished, tapered cut of these.

Give your hair some TLC with these silk hair ties.

The only thing that could make bike shorts better is pockets.

Because for now, socks are the new shoes.

I can't help but think how cute this will look tucked into baggy sweats.

Somehow, I don't actually own a T-shirt bra, and this one seems to be quite beloved.

Seeing how many people rave about this bag and Nordstrom's fabric wash has me thinking I'm definitely not giving my lingerie enough love.

Nearly 1000 people love these pajamas, so how could I not?

Word on the street is that this is very cozy.

You can never have enough basic tanks and bodysuits, am I right?

For whenever strappy sandals might come in handy?

It's no surprise that shoppers love Skims.

Just in case lugging things around in promotional totes isn't your thing.