You Should Never Get Rid of These Classic Jeans—We've Got Proof

There's a big debate about how to wear slouchy jeans—yes, the relaxed style that dominated your teenage wares—and it goes very much like this: Should you wear heels or flats? And as for tops? Some argue that to counteract the looser fit, you should opt for something more fitted to elevate the denim to a more sophisticated look. Others say that you should embrace the slouchy style and choose a chunky knit and trainers.

Much like skinny jeans, a pair of slouchy blues are likely lurking in your wardrobe. Though other styles have been taking centre stage for the past few years, think straight legs or cropped flares, wide-leg and slouchy styles have made a comeback this year. Partly thanks to the resurgence of 90s and 00s styles, and partly due to the ease of wear, everyone from celebs to influencers has been opting for loose jeans styles for 2023. So, perhaps it’s high time we dug out our own pairs once more. 


(Image credit: @champagnemani)

Turns out there are plenty of top influencers who can't get enough of the slightly oversized, low-slung silhouette of these '00s jeans. Further proof that you shouldn't give up on them—at least, not until you revisit them and draw a conclusion for yourself. 

The key to making these jeans look the 2023 part lies in the styling. Now, you can push beyond the plain-T-shirt box—even if it is a look that continues to serve us, and Sylvie Mus, well. If you’re feeling bold, why not integrate some trend-led pieces to lift these jeans to cool new heights? Make Ellie from Slip Into Style your muse on that front.

If you’re curious about how to wear slouchy jeans now, we've found nine prime examples of said styling to inspire you. And should you find your wardrobe lacks any of the items needed to re-create these looks, we’ve shopped them out for you. 

1. Balance Them Out With A Chunky Jacket


(Image credit: @greceghanem)

Style Notes: Beyond the comfortable appeal of this slightly oversized style, they come in handy when styling chunkier jackets. With winter safely here, we are all over our cold weather layers that can be balanced with this loose style jean. And as Grece proves, they still feel incredibly modern. 

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2. Add A Blazer For Some Polish


(Image credit: @ali_tate_cutler)

Style Notes: Ripped jeans made a big comeback on the denim scene last year, and the look still feels prevalent now. Dress yours up with a blazer and pretty jewellery like Ali did for a high/low outfit spin.

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3. Embrace Saturated Hues


(Image credit: @slipintostyle)

Style Notes: One of the most noteworthy (and unmissable) trends on the S/S 23 runways was saturated hues. Models wore them top-to-toe for maximum impact like Ellie did, but you can break them up with a pair of jeans to make them more palatable for everyday wear. 

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4. You Can't Go Wrong With Simple Suiting


(Image credit: @leasy_inparis)

Style Notes: No one can deny the chic appeal of jeans and shirts, though. If it were up for a debate, we reckon this look would seal the outcome. Effortless, easy, and elevated—what more could you ask for? 

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5. Neutralise Statement Pieces


(Image credit: @monikh)

Style Notes: Monikh Dale is one of our denim-outfit muses—somehow she always manages to make them look interesting. Follow her lead and use yours to neutralise statement knitwear this winter.

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6. Don't Feel Restricted To Blue


(Image credit: @smythsisters)

Style Notes: Who says your slouchy jeans have to be blue. White and ecru tones can look just as sleek—if not more so—in the colder months, particularly when they’re paired with chunky knitwear. 

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7. Give Your Wears A Fresh Take


(Image credit: @yoyokulala)

Style Notes: Jeans have the power to give anything a cool overhaul. Just look at Yoyo Cao’s ensemble—the collared-blouse-and-knitted-vest pairing could look too twee, but the addition of her patchwork jeans gives the pairing an entirely different vibe. 

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8. Make Them Work Around The Clock


(Image credit: @javiera)

Style Notes: Looser-fit denim might feel casual, but there’s no reason you can’t wear them for drinks and dinners out. A simple vest and heeled boots are all you need to complete the transition. 

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9. Remember Basics Will Always Look Good Together


(Image credit: @sylviemus_)

Style Notes: We’ve already established that the easiest way to make most outfits look more sophisticated is to throw a sharp blazer over the top. We also love how Sylvie Mus has matched the shade of her blazer to that of her jeans in what feels like her own stylish interpretation of the Canadian tuxedo. 

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This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated. 

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