Fluffy Supermodel Hair Is Having a Moment—Here's How to Create It

You only have to open Instagram or TikTok to notice that one particular hair trend is totally taking off right now. Fluffy hair is making a major comeback, and we're here for it. But what exactly is fluffy hair? Clueless's Alicia Silvertone is perhaps one of the most well-known poster girls for the trend, and we're also looking back to '90s supermodels such as Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer for their bouncy runway blowouts. It is characterised by lots of rounded layers, volume, flicked-under ends and lengths that have a springy bounce. The finish is less glossy than Hollywood waves yet more "done" than beach waves. Think more of a focus on texture and volume. And with influencers such as Matilda Djerf taking on the trend and innovations such as the Dyson AirWrap paving the way for the look to be created at home, the '90s fluffy blowout look is one of the biggest trends right now—and hairstylists agree.


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"Like fashion, hair is circular, and just like clothes, '90s hairstyles have made a comeback," notes Fernando Spano, senior stylist at Neville Hair and Beauty. "The '90s model look is all about polished blowouts and moving away from heavy product-reliant hairstyles," he says. As he notes, this kind of look doesn't need lots of product; it should feel weightless and bouncy. We caught up with hairstylists who have shared their top tips for creating the '90s supermodel blowout—runway walk optional.

How to Create Fluffy Hair


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Claudia Schiffer at Chanel's SS95 show in Paris with her iconic '90s blowout.

Starting this look with freshly washed hair (that is about 80% dry) is key. Use a clarifying shampoo to give hair that swishy, fresh-out-of-the-salon feeling, and use a lightweight conditioner as opposed to a mask. You want to avoid weighing down the hair. If you really want to go full-on Claudia Schiffer, flip your hair into a side parting to create more volume as you blow-dry.


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"To create the fluffy hair look, I would prep the hair with L'Oréal Techni.Art Pli, an amazing thermo-modelling spray that will help you get this '90s fluffy hair," says Barry Maddocks, UK creative director for Haringtons. "Then, to get that extra lift in the root area, I would use the Pure Flow 60mm Ceramic Round Brush by Kent Brushes," he says, which helps to add shape and bounce to the hair. Ensure you use the smoothing nozzle of your hair dryer to direct hair down as you wind your hair around the brush. This will add shine to the hair. "Once dried, I would simply spray in L'Oréal Professional Techni.Art Savage Panache—this is a power spray that gives you outrageous texture—using the palms of my hands to give that absolutely stunning finish," he says.


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Using a round brush and hair dryer at home can be tricky (hairdressers always make it look so easy in the salon), and depending on your hair type, you might find that your curls drop out quickly. Rather than reaching for your hair spray to lock them in, another option is to blow-dry your hair with a round brush and then secure each section into Velcro rollers as they cool. This will help the hair set into shape, and your bouncy blowout will last much longer. If you're in a rush, blast the rollers with the cool setting on your hair dryer. If you're after a really easy way to create the look at home, you can opt for a heated tool, such as the Dyson AirWrap or the T3 AireBrush, which will do the heavy lifting for you. 


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To finish off the style, look for powder-based hair products, such as dry shampoo or volumising hair powders, which will add volume and that fluffy texture.

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