Trust Us: These Summer 2022 Hair Trends Will Be All Over Your IG Feed

Summer is just around the corner, and naturally, at the slightest ray of sunshine, we immediately think about how we might switch up our hair for the warmer months. There's something about summer hair that gets us excited. Whether we're craving a sun-kissed balayage that reminds us of holidays (thankfully, those are back on the agenda this summer) or a blonde bob look that feels lighter and carefree for the warmer temperatures, we love nothing more than saving hair inspo for our next salon visit.


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You might be wondering what the summer 2022 hair trends might be, and hairstylists and hair colourists alike have sensed a shift in how we feel about hair.

"For summer 2022, I think we are going to see a real mix of styles, with people thinking less about trends and more about what they feel is right for them and in turn making style choices that suit their personalities," says Max Andrea, hairdresser at Claxton Hair, Crawshawbooth.

This summer, it's all about embracing a look that feels right for your style and personality. Read on to see the top hairstylists' and hair colourists' summer 2022 hair trend predictions. And don't worry—there are plenty of hair looks to bring to your next salon appointment.



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"Flicky ends are having a real resurgence. It's a trend that feels like it's been gone for a while, so it feels really fresh, clean and perfect to add a little spring to your step," says expert hairdresser Larry King. "It takes inspiration from the '60s but with a more modern, smoothed-down finish and just a little lift at the crown," he adds. "It feels young, modern and energetic. It works brilliantly on a jaw-length bob."


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Experiment with flipping the ends outward or inward to change up your look. We love the outward flicks on this bob.


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Ask your hairdresser for lots of layers throughout the lengths of your hair. This gives the hair body and really makes those floppy ends stand out and last longer.

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Brunette tones are one of the biggest summer 2022 hair trends. Think multi-toned brunette hues with sun-kissed ribbons throughout the hair.

 "In our salons, we're really seeing a focus on brunettes at the moment," says King. "Our clients are enjoying embracing rich, luxurious browns. Although they're moving away from balayage, we're loving adding some really chic face framing at the moment just to soften and highlight the face," he adds.


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If you're naturally brunette, some natural-looking ribbons of multi-toned brunette colour can add dimension and depth to the hair. It's a fail-safe way to create the illusion of thicker hair, too.


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We love these subtle "baby lights" through Hailey Bieber's lengths. Placed around the hairline in minimal amounts, these ribbons of blonde create a natural "summer spent on the riviera" look.

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"The trend for spiced-cinnamon red hair isn't going anywhere. A lot of models are embracing it (think Kendall Jenner), along with the fashion crowd (such as Sydney Sweeney and Barbie Ferreria)," says Zoë Irwin, Wella Professionals' UK colour trend expert. "It works really well with the seasonal tones and feels like something fresh and uplifting, and when the copper and red tones become more golden based, it makes them extremely flattering for many skin tones, so it's a shade that can become very wearable," she adds.


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Ribbons of copper pop on a cinnamon base.


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We love Jenner's glossy cinnamon tones.


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Want something more muted? This peachy-gold hue is a winner on Sydney Sweeney.

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More of a hair mood than a trend, this is about embracing your own hair but experimenting with exaggerated proportions," says King. "I'm also loving bold shapes, whether that means being bold with your haircut, teasing out coils into bold '90s-inspired shapes, or making braids with super-long lengths. For me, if you're going to go down any path with hair at the moment, be bold and decisive with it," he says.


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Thinking about going short? It's never felt chicer, and hairdressers agree. "Short hair is in! For a long time, long hair has been a symbol of femininity, but I think this view is starting to shift and is becoming a lot more inclusive, with shorter hair being the style of choice for lots of influential women," says hairdresser Hannah-Mae at Hensmans salon, Northhampton.


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"From the tousled bob to the more elfin styles and shorter French chic styles, these cuts are stunning and perfect for the warmer months," says Farah Naz at Farah Naz Hair, Manchester.

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Much like the riviera brunette trend, blondes are also being taken into new dimensions. "The trend within balayage now is the double-hued or triple-hued blonde, where different toners are used to create multi-tonal blonde, adding light, warmth and shine to the hair after lightening," says Irwin. The result? Three-dimensional blonde.


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"A big change is that my clients have far more of their natural root than they would have seen before," explains Irwin. "This has led to their desire to work with their natural hair colour more, with balayage becoming more requested than the traditional 'to the root' highlighting with foils. I love doing this technique on textured hair," she adds.


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"Emulating natural lightness in hair that appears during the summer months will be extremely sought after as we approach the warmer months," predicts Irwin.

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Looking for a summer 2022 hair trend that's a little more adventurous? The Jagger crop looks so cool. "I'm really loving looking back at grown-out men's haircuts from the '70s. Think a young Mick Jagger," says King. "This is a grown-out crop with a fringe, natural texture, an irregular curl pattern, and soft flicks and kinks heavier around the ears and neckline. It's cute and androgynous, and by embracing natural movement, little flicks and semi curls, it still feels feminine and new," he says.


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A longer length helps you edge out of your comfort zone if you're thinking of going for the chop.


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This cut looks equally chic cropped.

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After lockdown, we all experienced growing longer lengths as salons were closed. But we've become accustomed to this new-found length, and many are opting for hair extensions for length and volume. "Our master extensionist at Larry King, Vicky Demetriou, is seeing a focus on more obvious extensions. We're all reminiscing about the '00s at the moment, and these extensions were more XXL, obvious, chunky versions of the hidden, more natural versions we've been having over the last few years," says King.


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Now's the time to grow your hair out long or opt for extensions for the illusion of length and thickness.


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Extra-long braids feel so fresh for summer.

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"Unlike a balayage that is blended from root to tip, the '90s slices are pieces scattered but left raw so they really stand out," says King. These face-framing pieces work like a ring light on your features and are great way to update your blonde for summer.


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"I wanted to work with the cut that was created and how Mia Began wears her hair," says Harriet Muldoon, colourist at Larry King, of how she created this look. "My main goal is to not overdo it and put too many slices as it takes it away from the ones in place. This look is all about complementing the natural base," she says.


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This hair colour trend looks so good if you've opted for bottleneck bangs or a curtain fringe this summer. "Creamier blondes will also be popular this summer. Gone is the ashy blonde; we're here for the beachy, warmer tones," says Naz.

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Since lockdown, so many have grown out their grey hair. But top colourists up and down the UK say that this doesn't mean you can't experiment with colour while growing it out. 

"Those who have grown out all of their colour over the last two years and are feeling like they want to have some fun without going back to square one are introducing darker flashes of colour and beautiful mink or biscuit blonde pieces, which are really low maintenance, to give a modern twist to their gorgeous, natural, great tones," says King. "After all, grey is the perfect canvas to create any colour."


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Model Andie MacDowell leads the mink trend. Her grey hairs sparkle on her darker base.

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When in doubt, a printed silk scarf will always look chic and on-trend for summer.


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A silk scarf can be worn so many different ways. Just tie around a bun to instantly elevate your hair.


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A longer scarf also looks cool worn on the top of the head, letting the lengths flow free at the bottom.


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Not only do silk scarves look stylish, but they can help extend your hair wash for one more day by disguising roots.

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