The 19 Best Zara Perfumes That Should Be on Your Dressing Table

It's no secret that we're fans of Zara here. We're always keeping an eye on the new arrivals section, trying to uncover the best finds and we love to find those designer-inspired buys that will be trending for the season ahead. What can we say? The retailer just consistently delivers when it comes to clothes and accessories. But I'm going to let you in on a not-so-secret secret that just might blow your mind: Zara also has some of the best perfumes too. So yeah, you could consider it a one-stop shop. If that's news to you, you're welcome.


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When it comes to Zara's beauty section, you don't want to sleep on the fragrances—many of which were created by some of the world's top perfumers. There's a scent for just about any mood and occasion, from fresh florals to something woodsy to ones with a little bit of spice. The best news? In true Zara fashion, they are at an amazing price point. You can't find a fragrance over £26 here. At that price, you could add a couple to your perfume collection to keep on rotation.

Since the inventory is pretty extensive, we've tried to narrow it down for you and shared some of the best ones to buy below.

Shop The Best Zara Perfumes:

1. Wonder Rose

2. Golden Decade

3. Peony

4. Sublime Epoque

5. Sunrise On The Red Sand Dunes

6. Red Vanilla

7. Applejuice

8. Red Temptation

9. Hypnotic Vanilla

10. Ebony Wood

11. Vetiver Pamplemousse

12. Myself Flower

13. Amber Fusion

14. Energetically Tokyo

15. Femme

16. Rose Gourmand

17. Sensual Oud

18. Fabulous Sweet

19. Angelic Vanilla

Shop More Zara Beauty Picks:

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