The Next Wave of Ugly Sneakers Is So Ugly

Bad news for anyone who already spends too much money on their sneaker collection: The trend for ugly sneakers is set to continue with gusto, morphing into its most aggressive form yet. So 2019 will see a new, challenging wave of styles making a bid for your feet, and whilst it might take a while for some of us to catch up, sneaker freaks we follow on Instagram are already showcasing their ahead-of-the-curve credibility, being photographed wearing the most radical, fresh kicks.

The signs for this shift have been there for a good six months or so (if you were willing to look). This past year saw a few boomerang styles find their way back into fashion favor, and they're helping to shape the vibe for the new year. We spotted girls wearing Skechers again, adopting Buffalo boots once more and delving into the world of Fila.

The latter brand's Disruptor sneakers provided big business for many a retailer, and they were just named our It item of the year for 2018. For those with more cash to splash, it was Balenciaga's Triple S sneakers that carried on ruling the designer roost, alongside anything and everything that came from Yeezy. In particular, it was the Yeezy 500 that spiked in Google search terms year over year by 1550%.