A List of All the "Ugly" Fashion Trends Taking Over for Fall—Because Why Not?

If you keep up with the sartorial world on a regular basis, you'll know that a lot of the standout trends that may seem glorious to those in the industry may come across as questionable or "ugly" to those on the outside. The haters will continue hating, but we will continue wearing them because fashion is about rejecting societal norms of what's deemed flattering anyway, right? Despite these unique trends facing the "ugly" adjective, they're considered cool and are being worn both ironically and unironically by the fashion set. However you choose to wear them, it doesn't matter. 

"Ugly" trends are cyclical. Some of them last a short time span, but some end up having more staying power than you'd think. Think of dad sneakers, sweater-vests—the list could go on. Below, we rounded up seven that we've seen are rising quickly for fall 2021. A central theme for the bunch is that many offer comfort as their priority, so be prepared for these to become closet favorites.

1. Clogs

fall fashion trends: clogs



We mentioned a few months back that clogs were going to have a big moment this year, and it seems that our predictions have come true. 

2. Chunky Loafers

fall fashion trends: chunky loafers



When it comes to loafers, the chunkier the better is what we say to follow. Coming off of the grunge look that's made its way back onto the fashion scene, chunky loafers are a perfect way to add height without having to deal with an uncomfortable heel.

fall fashion trends: kitschy knits



While you may already have a stock of neutral sweaters in your wardrobe, why not add a few fun printed ones to change things up? We promise that they're more versatile than you think. All you'll need to pair them with is a simple pair of jeans or relaxed trousers.

4. Worker Pants

TikTok girlies swear Dickies men's pants are the most comfortable casual trousers, and we think they may be right. We're not surprised the style is gaining traction, as relaxed trousers were heavily favorited this year, and this just seems to be a more casual version of them.

5. Slip-On Sandals

fall fashion trends: slip-on sandals



Comfort over everything, and this trend proves that's true. If you think these shoes should stay as house slippers, we're sorry to say that these podiatrist-approved shoes are everyone's first choice for running errands. They took off in the summer, but they're just as good in the fall, too. (Just add socks!)

Daniel Lee's designs for Bottega Veneta have become cult favorites, but when he sent wellies down his runway, people had hesitations before purchasing. Eventually, the fashion world began to understand his vision, and rubber-boot sales began to take off because, again, comfort is the priority.

7. Cloud Coats

fall fashion trends: cloud coats



Remember dreading wearing puffers and arguing with your mom because being warm meant ruining your outfit? Just us? Anyway, cloud coats are the outerwear trend of the season, so be prepared to not have to risk being cold as a fashion statement ever again.