The Ugliest Shoes of 2018, From Least to Most Outrageous

Whether you love them, feel indifferent, or want to go run and hide at the thought of them, you can't deny that ugly shoes dominated the conversation this year. There's no doubt we've hit peak "ugly." We can hardly scroll through Instagram without seeing a pair of Balenciaga's infamous Triple S sneakers or go a week without hearing about a buzzy new shoe trend that claims to be uglier than the last.

Now that the year is coming to a close, we took it upon ourselves to recap all the shoe trends that we can't unsee. We went on and on about all the "dad" sneakers that emerged in 2018, pointing out how women paid above retail just to own certain styles. As we moved into summer, it was all about retro square-toe sandals that earned the title of the most popular sandal style. Then there were the less aggressively "ugly" but equally noteworthy trends like chunky combat boots and old-school heeled loafers that are quickly becoming a thing as we round out the year. But that's just the tip of the iceberg—2018 saw some of the ugliest shoes to date (and by ugly we mean that precise combination of ugly-pretty).

Not all of these trends were made equal—some were far more absurd than others as designers continuously pushed the limits. So, which trend did we crown the ugliest of all ugly shoes? Keep reading to see our definitive ranking.

Level: Light

The Trend: Chunky Combat Boots



Level: Mild

The Trend: Heeled Loafers



Level: Lukewarm

The Trend: Toe-Ring Sandals


Collage Vintage

Level: Boundary-Pushing

The Trend: Thick-Soled "Dad" Sneakers



Level: Thought-Provoking

The Trend: Chunky Sneakers With Jagged Soles



Level: Polarizing

The Trend: Flip-Flops



Level: Shock-Inducing

The Trend: Crystal Sport Sandals



Level: Not for the Faint of Heart

The Trend: Orthopedic Sandals


The Style Stalker

Level: Pot-Stirring

The Trend: Lug-Sole Sneakers



Level: Jaw-Dropping

The Trend: Hiking Boot-Sneaker Hybrids



Level: Downright Outrageous

The Trend: Z-Coil Sneakers


Christopher Kane