Let's Do a Denim Deep Dive: Every Jeans Trend You Need to Know About

While skinny jeans are a wardrobe classic and a timeless denim silhouette, today, we're shifting gears and focusing on the latest and greatest denim trends for the year. For what is popular in the world of denim this season and beyond, we're laying out the top three trends to pay attention to.

To ensure you're as up-to-date as possible on the year's denim trends, we're diving deep into every detail that denim-loving readers should have on their radars. From the denim fits that are trending right now, like extremely relaxed shapes, to the iconic (if polarizing) denim rises that are making a fresh comeback, keep reading to see the types of jeans everyone is wearing right now and how fashion people are wearing the on-trend jeans. Ahead, see the 10 types of jeans to know this year, including washes, rises, and fits, and then shop a few of our favorites within each category.

Fit Trend: Baggy
fashion influencer wearing one type of jeans: baggy-fit denim



As fashion girl Jen Ceballos points out here, loose jeans offer an extremely laid-back look. We've talked about the baggy-denim trend a bit this year and have learned the style is quite polarizing among our readers. No matter your thoughts on the Y2K-inspired denim, you can't deny that they make for the most comfortable pair. Shop our top picks for loose jeans below.

Fit Trend: Straight Loose
fashion influencer wearing one type of jeans: straight loose



If you haven't read about the new wave of straight-leg jeans, let us brief you. The style is a new type of straight jeans that is essentially a hybrid of straight and baggy jeans, but it's more relaxed than traditional straight cuts through the leg and more fitted at the waist. Shop our favorite straight, loose jeans below.

Fit Trend: Bootcut
fashion influencer wearing one type of jeans: bootcut



The thing about denim trends is that they're extremely cyclical. The latest trend to reemerge? Bootcut jeans. Bootcut fits, in particular, seem to be taking off, and fashion people are proving they look flawless with heeled ankle boots.

Fit Trend: Wide-Leg
fashion influencer wearing one type of jeans: wide-leg



Seventies-inspired styles continue to be a huge inspiration this fall, with high-waisted, wide-leg, and flared jeans bubbling up all over. Look for a pair that features a fitted high rise and looser shape throughout the rest of the leg.

Wash Trend: True Blue
fashion influencer wearing one type of jeans: true blue wash jeans



While we won't necessarily call classic blue jeans a "trend," they're definitely having a moment right now. If you're going to reach for jeans of any kind, you can't go wrong with a timeless mid-blue wash that looks crisp and clean paired with some great basics.

Wash Trend: Deep Indigo
fashion influencer wearing one type of jeans: deep indigo wash jeans



Deep shades of indigo appear in all manner of ensembles, from Western-inspired denim to sleek suiting. Our favorite way to conquer the cool wash? In head-to-toe indigo à la, this Camille Charriere look.

Wash Trend: Washed Charcoal
fashion influencer wearing one type of jeans: black/ charcoal wash jeans



The '90s are still a strong influence when it comes to jeans, and this charcoal wash is the throwback theme that's inspiring our denim game the most right now. This not-quite-black wash is the more lived-in version of true-black jeans and is the perfect style to start rotating into your outfits for fall and winter since it's a great anchor to darker tones.

Wash Trend: Funky Prints
fashion influencer wearing one type of jeans: printed jeans



It wouldn't be a denim report if we didn't talk about printed jeans. These funky prints are seriously everywhere we look and come in all manner of designs, from swirl prints to checkerboard. Don't try them if you hate compliments. Just saying.

Rise Trend: Low-Slung
fashion influencer wearing one type of jeans: low slung denim



Much has been said about the return of low-rise jeans, but there's a way to wear them that's not completely fear inducing. We're calling them low-slung jeans. They're usually a bit looser and sit right in between a mid-rise and a low-rise for a relaxed vibe that's a more wearable version of the Y2K-inspired denim.

Rise Trend: Ultra-High Rise
fashion influencer wearing one type of jeans: ultra-high rise denim



On the flip side, high-rise jeans will forever reign as a classic denim style, and this year, we're seeing brands take it to the next level, increasing inseam measurements and debuting silhouettes with names like "Pinch Waist" and "Ribcage" jeans. Both styles are examples of designs that are made to hit as high as they can on your frame to focus on your waist. Shop the best high(er)-rise jeans below.

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This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated by Jasmine Fox-Suliaman.