The #1 Thing to Consider When Shopping for Jeans


Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Shopping for jeans is something that it's easy to have a love-hate relationship with. The prospect of finding a perfect new pair of jeans is exciting, but when faced with so many options of so many different styles, washes, and brands to choose from, overwhelming doesn't begin to describe the shopping experience. And not to add yet another thing to that list, but there's something else that we think is the number one thing to consider when shopping for jeans: types of denim.

The comfort, fit, and look of a pair of jeans has so much to do with the fabric that they're made of (i.e., 100% cotton, stretch, raw denim, etc.) You may already have a favorite without even knowing. And because this is such an important factor in your denim shopping experience, we reached out to the expert on the subject: Levi's. Chief Product Officer Karyn Hillman answered all our questions about the types of denim that every woman needs, and we now feel very well-informed. Keep scrolling to benefit from Hillman's expertise (and shop stylish jeans, naturally).

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