The Best Dress Trend for Anyone Who's Indecisive, Like Me

My typical online shopping experience tends to look a little like the following: find a specific item I like, cycle through every color option it comes in, proceed to add every color or print option to my cart, then let them sit in my cart for a good few hours while I try to narrow them down to one. I like options, and being forced to make a singular decision is not one of my strong suits. All of which probably explains why I'm such a big fan of the two-tone trend. It's fresh, it's Princess Diana–approved, and it's an easy solve for anyone who experiences as much indecisiveness as I do. Why settle for one color when you can have two?

The split-tone color-blocking has been a fashion week favorite the last few seasons thanks to the likes of Celine's popular mismatched sandals and the handful of contrasting half-and-half designs that followed. But this season's two-tone hero is clearly spring dresses. Between a classic pink-and-red pairing to more unexpected options like a green-and-black gown, the 16 bicolored dresses ahead are pure relief for anyone who has a hard time picking sides.



Take a page out of Vic Styles's book and add some extra color to your vacation wardrobe. 

The most obsolete fashion "rule" to ever exist: Black and brown can't be worn together. Alyssa Coscarelli's leather wrap dress proves just how wrong that is.



This dress could have looked good in either color, but I'm inclined to believe it looks so much better in both.



Even the chicest silhouettes can benefit from a two-toned makeover.