The 5 Shoes I Ditched at Age 30

When I think about how I felt when I turned 30, it's a little muddled—probably because I tried my best not to think about it. I'm quite sure that my feelings about entering a new decade most clearly manifested themselves in the subconscious sartorial changes that I made and realizations I came to about my style. One of those changes took place in my closet. Specifically, what I took out of my closet.

Just as the eyes are the windows to a person's soul (or so they say), I find shoes to be the windows to a person's style. I build my outfits around shoes, I spend a sizable piece of my shopping budget on shoes, and I rarely meet someone without catching a glimpse of their shoes. Maybe it's just me, but I find shoes to be kind of a big deal. Which is why I'm choosing to share with you today the five shoe styles that I ditched upon turning 30 in hopes of achieving a more polished, "adult" vibe. Some of these I possibly should've ditched before I turned 30, and some you may choose to keep wearing post-30. There's no right or wrong shoe to wear at any given age. It's all about personal aesthetic, and the shift in mine meant it was time to say adios to these styles. Whether or not you agree with me, there are probably a few shoe styles of your own that you ditched or will ditch post-age 30.

Keep scrolling to see which styles I got rid of post-30 and which ones I'm wearing instead.