Mary Jane Sneakers and 9 Other Wildly Trendy Shoes I Just Found at Zara

Zara Mary Jane sneakers


Courtesy of Zara

As someone who doesn't like spending a ton on super-trendy items, Zara comes in handy a lot. You're probably thinking, tell me something I don't know. Well, one of my favorite Zara categories for trendy items is shoes. I'm always amazed by the selection of under-$100 shoes (many priced below $50 even) the retailer has at any given time. Recently, I came across a pair of shoes so exceptionally trendy I felt inspired to share them with the entire internet.

The Zara shoes that made me do a double take are a pair of sneakers that capitalize on the season's biggest flat-shoes trend: Mary Janes. Zara added sporty elements like tread soles and a velcro strap, and the results are surprisingly chic. The Mary Jane sneakers come in at just $50 and are available in cream and black. Below, you can shop the trendy sneakers and a handful of other trendy shoes I would buy.

Shop Zara's Mary Jane Sneakers

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You might want to hurry because I have a feeling these are moments away from selling out.

I know a lot of fashion girls that would freak out over these.

Of course, Zara nailed the wedge trend.

One pair of shoes, so many trends.

Another pair of denim shoes that are quite a vibe.

Zara is here to make all your silver shoe dreams come true.