The 10 Most Popular Designer Shoes of All Time

Certain designer pieces have a way of making it into every fashion girl's closet at one point or another. One peek at the picks that make any list of luxury items we round up, and you'll come to learn they all have a few things in common: They're top quality, they're timeless, and they're quite pricey (we know, the latter may not be exactly what you want to hear). But each makes for a worthy investment piece that you'll have hanging in your wardrobes for years to come. 

The same can be said about the 10 most popular designer shoes of all time. It's a hard title to earn, especially when you take into account the sheer number of standout shoes that flood the vast footwear market, but every style we found below has made the list for a particular reason. Each pair has a can't-miss element to it, whether it be a unique heel, a specific pattern, or an all-around iconic silhouette. Read on to see and shop the designer shoes that are a part of fashion set's forever wardrobes.

1. Chanel Slingbacks



Chanel's iconic two-tone shoe was initially released back in 1957 and was quickly scooped up by the likes of Catherine Deneuve, Romy Schneider, Brigitte Bardot, and Jane Fonda. To this day, the classic pumps remain a fashion-girl favorite, thanks to their sleek silhouette and neutral colorway.

2. Prada's Chunky Logo Plaque Loafers



Prada received lots of attention for their chunky logo loafers this past fall, and the style doesn't seem like it's going to go anywhere from the fashion set. 

3. Maison Margiela Tabi



Maison Margiela's eye-catching Tabi styles have earned a cult-like following, simply because they are such unique, conversation-starting pieces. The trademark cleft-toe shape has become a can't-miss feature on many of the brand's shoes, which actually pays homage to former designer John Galliano's love of upcycling and distressed details. 

4. Gucci Princetown Loafer

When is a Gucci shoe not an instant hit? This particular loafer is the classic shoe that is in the wardrobe of many fashion girls. I can see why, as the minimal and sleek design makes them a pair that can go with just about any outfit.

5. Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Pump



Manolo Blahnik's shoes have always been iconic, but ever since Carrie Bradshaw made a blue pair of Hangisi heels her "something blue", it became a heel that everyone wanted, and till this day brides are searching out for the heel for their big day. 

6. Hermes Oran Sandals

One of Hermes' best-sellers, the Oran sandal is a staple that you'll return to again and again everytime the weather gets warm. 

7. Bottega Veneta Debossed Leather Mules



8. Amina Muaddi Lupita heels

Amina Muaddi's heels are considered a "newer" luxury staple, but it's one to keep on your radar from here on out. The fluted heel came from the idea of making the feminine stiletto more edgier, which clearly works since it's already gained a huge following over the past few years.

9. Dior J'Adior Slingbacks

While I've been seeing Dior's sneakers on my social feed lately, their slingbacks are still the logomania style that fashion girls will always have a love for. 

10. Celine Madame Boots



R.I.P Old Celine. These boots are rare on the secondhand market, but there are still options available to shop if you search hard enough. Once you get your hands on a pair, you're not going to want to part ways with them.