I Know You're a Fashion Girl If You're Wearing These 10 Trendy Shoe Brands

There are some calling cards that immediately make it clear you're a fashion girl, including some of the trendy shoe brands that are in such high demand that they continue to sell out. This includes everything from on-the-rise brands like Amina Muaddi and The Attico that are relative newcomers on the fashion scene to heritage brands like Bottega Veneta and New Balance that have reached cult status recently, despite their longstanding presence in the fashion world.

Ahead, I'm diving into the 10 key trendy shoe brands to know about that you're guaranteed to spot on the fashion set. Whether you're in the market for comfortable, directional sneakers or super-tall heels in the key color of the season, I have you covered with some of the most coveted shoe buys of the moment. Here, shop my edit of the fashion girl–approved shoes to add to your closet.


Popular among celebs including Kendall Jenner and Irina Shayk, BY FAR is one of the most beloved accessories labels on the street style scene—and it's easy to see why.

Gia Couture

Trendy shoe brands: Gia Couture



With cool collaborations under its belt with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Pernille Teisbaek, Italian shoe brand Gia Couture is one of the most sought-after rising brands for stunning sandals, heels, and boots.

Amina Muaddi

Trendy shoe brands: Amina Muaddi



If you're able to find a pair of Amina Muaddi heels in your size, consider yourself lucky because retailers simply can't keep these in stock. Oh, and you'll definitely spot them on celebs including Rihanna and Hailey Bieber because they wear the brand on repeat.

New Balance

Trendy shoe brands: New Balance



New Balance sneakers have made a huge resurgence over the past few years, and you can count this editor among its many fans. You can't go wrong with its iconic 990 sneakers or its incredible collaboration with Aimé Leon Dore.

The Attico

Trendy shoe brands: The Attico



Italian duo Giorgia Torgdini and Gilda Ambrosio can truly do no wrong at their label, The Attico, and that includes their in-demand shoes. Their Devon heels are practically sold out everywhere and are already carving themselves out as one of the key shoe silhouettes of 2021.

Manu Atelier

If you're looking for beautiful, timeless shoes with some trendy twists, look no further than Manu Atelier. The brand has especially great takes on strappy kitten heels.

Bottega Veneta

Trendy shoe brands: Bottega Veneta



Bottega Veneta truly dominates the fashion-girl wardrobe in all areas, but its shoes have proven to be particularly popular among the style set. This season, its beautiful dot sandals are the key buy.


Trendy shoe brands: Yeezy



While Yeezy has been on the fashion scene for a while now, the 500 sneakers have emerged as one of the major It shoes recently. The sculptural shape and neutral shades make them the perfect wear-with-anything sneakers.

Mach & Mach

Trendy shoe brands: Mach & Mach



Mach & Mach's shoes are over the top in the best way possible. Adorned with everything from crystals to pearls, these heels are the ultimate special occasion shoes.

Manolo Blahnik

While I would classify Manolo Blahnik's shoes as more classic than trendy, they're always a brand you'll be sure to spot in fashion insider wardrobes and they always have timeless takes on the key trends of the season.

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