I Didn't Think I Needed New Shoes—Then I Saw These Trendy Styles at Nordstrom


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I really didn’t think I needed new shoes. I’m not kidding; I have taken up all of the floor space in our tiny Manhattan coat closet with my boots, I have a three-tier shoe rack in my closet that is filled with sneakers, and I even have a four-tier shoe rack stacked on top of my closet carrying all of my summer sandals. So when I say I didn’t think I needed new shoes, I mean it.

There’s a really good chance that I’m also a shoe hoarder. Ever since my feet have stopped growing, I have refused to get rid of shoes. Even when they are all slimed in beer from college parties or plastered with mud from walking my dog or literally have a gaping hole in the sole, I can’t seem to part with them. Back home in Chicago, my mom has actually started throwing away shoes that she thinks I won’t miss. Despite my bickering and resistance, I know that she is right. So instead of getting rid of old shoes so that I could make room for new ones (the natural reasoning), I decided to attempt to stop purchasing shoes altogether. For a few months, that strategy was working perfectly fine for me. And then I looked at Nordstrom.

There were so many styles that I didn’t know I needed, that my closet didn’t already contain, and I kept adding to my cart as I was scrolling through. As the little part of me telling me "no” started to grow, I decided to enact a therapeutic countermeasure: writing down what I would buy instead of buying it. And thus, this article was born. So keep scrolling to check out every style at Nordstrom that almost broke my resolve. Almost.

Combat Boots


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Sleek Sandals


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Sherpa Slip-Ons


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Simple Sneakers


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Chelsea Boots


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