23 Amazon Basics, Beauty Products, and Trends Everyone Will Buy This Month

The best Amazon items to buy in July


Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Just a hunch, but over the past few days, you've probably already said I can't believe it's July already. Indeed it is, folks, so you might as well embrace it. You're probably going to place a few Amazon orders to prepare for those upcoming beach days and travel days, right? (Another hunch.) Today we're making it easier for you: We rounded up the basics, beauty products, and trends that are spot-on for July and are sure to be in the carts of many. Our picks for the best T-shirts, swimsuits, sunscreen, dresses, and accessories are all present and accounted for, and because it's Amazon we're talking about, nothing is over $153. So fill your cart, open the package in one to two days (thanks, Amazon Prime), and go live your best summer life before it's already September.


Everyone loves this tee, so we keep putting it in stories.

Don't let uncomfortable shoes hold you back this month.

Shorts with longer inseams are trending this summer.

It's time to replace your tiny sunglasses with big '70s-inspired ones.

You need this perfect slip dress in every color.

This flattering bikini should get plenty of wear this month.

Beauty Products

Staying in the city? You'll still need to protect your skin, and people rave about this serum.

This highly rated French face cleanser gets the "Amazon's Choice" seal of approval.

This is the self-tanner thousands of Amazon shoppers swear by for a natural-looking glow.

Wearing bug repellant in the summer is a fact of life, and we highly recommend this pleasant-smelling, DEET-free option. 

In case you ignore our sunscreen recommendations…

If you don't make it to the beach, you can at least look like you did.


It doesn't get more summer 2019 than a pearl anklet.

Don't let summer end without adding some tie-dye to your wardrobe.

We love it when comfortable things become a trend.

Belted swimsuits are an easy trend to love, if you ask us.

This perfect little cardigan comes in so many perfect shades.

Over a thousand people loved these enough to leave a review.

Even if you only wear it once, it will have been worth it.