Traveling This Winter? Don't Leave Without These 5 Sweaters

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Packing for a winter vacation can be quite tricky considering cold-weather clothing takes up double the space in your suitcase. We also know that packing sweaters is an absolute must, so today, we're here to tell you which sweaters are the best for traveling and why.

From the most versatile knits to the prints that scream holiday getaway, we've broken down the quintessential travel sweaters you need into five simple categories. One scroll through the variety ahead, and you'll basically be packed.

Scroll down to shop the best sweaters for traveling this winter.

neutral turtlenecks

Neutral turtlenecks are going to be your layering best friend. Whether you wear them underneath a hoodie or your favorite coat, a mini collection of versatile colors will do your winter wardrobe wonders.

winter prints

While traveling, you're clearly going to have a little fun, so opt for chunky sweaters in festive winter prints that give you all the holiday feels. 

cashmere crew neck

Whether you're looking to splurge on a great cashmere piece or are trying to snag a warm cashmere sweater on a budget, trust me when I say the comfort that any cashmere brings is worth every penny. 

fine knit

Another layering essential, fine-knit sweaters are great for a sleeker look while still keeping you warm—perfect for a nice dinner or drinks on a chilly evening during your travels.

cool cardigan

Cardigans aren't just for your grandma anymore. Wear funky ones with floral buttons, animal embroideries, or opt for a simpler hue to wear with everything in your suitcase and more. 

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