These 24 Tops Were Made to Be Worn With Shorts

Summer is just a few shorts weeks away. That means you can finally say goodbye to thermal leggings and oversize wool coats—just to name a few cold-weather essentials—for good for the next six months. Things to grab instead? Easy, breezy summer dresses; flowy tank tops; and last but certainly not least, those trusty pair of shorts you probably stowed away last September. Yep, you can officially wear them again. 

But as is often the case when we enter a new season, you might be asking yourself How do I wear my shorts this season? We're already found the best sneakers to pair with the classic summertime pants, and this time around, we're spotlighting the absolute best tops to wear with your shorts this season, whether it's a pair of cutoffs, bike shorts, or Bermudas. 

Ahead, see and shop the different shirt styles you can always team with your shorts.

Crop Tops

This one's a no-brainer. A crop top looks so good when paired with high-waisted shorts.

Crisp White Tees

A crisp white tee and shorts? The most worn summer outfit of all time.

Off-the-Shoulder Tops

An off-the-shoulder top is sure to add a bit of charm to any outfit with shorts.

Tank Tops

Dressy or casual tank tops are also a great option, especially when the temps reach the high 70s.

Next up, check out the best sneakers to wear with shorts this summer.

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