I Asked TikTokers to DM Me Their Stay-at-Home Outfits, and They Actually Did

Being cooped up at home can bring up a lot of feelings. Our world is currently in a state of self-isolation and social distancing due to the coronavirus—something we are not typically accustomed to as a culture. While we are all attempting to band together as a society to do our part by staying inside, that doesn't mean we can't get creative with alternative ways to connect to one another. And in this new series, we're connecting via our favorite at-home outfits. Next up: TikTokers.

TikTok is something I have just recently become acquainted with myself, but I think it's safe to assume that due to everyone's newfound life indoors, the app has increased in popularity tenfold. Instagram, who? I only kid, but the hype that this newer social app has generated is impossible to ignore. Today, as we dive into yet another story in this working from home series, I thought it would be both timely and fascinating to ask some of the most famous creators on Tiktok to DM me a photo of what they are wearing while staying indoors. 

To no surprise, each of the looks ahead has that TikTok je ne sais quoi (click here for more on that). Be it oversize sweatpants with bikinis, Nike tube socks, or cute matching sets. the creators ahead are here to show you what life outside of TikTok filming looked like the day we messaged them. 

Griffin Johnson

"It's been so long since I've been out, I forgot how to dress." — Griffin Johnson 

Madison Lewis

TikTok Outfits



"This is my 'fit almost every day: sweats and a bathing suit. I constantly tan every day that I can, and sweatpants are always the move when you aren't going out." — Madison Lewis

Zach Jelks

TikTok Outfits



According to TikTok, sweatpants are the unofficial uniform of both the app and the staying at home lifestyle. 

Brittany Xavier

"Right now I'm dressing for comfort but also still video-appropriate because most of my day consists of video calls. I always have my necklaces, hoops, and winged eyeliner on to feel more put-together even though I'm still wearing loungewear like sweats." — Brittany Xavier

Skai Beauty

TikTok Outfits



"A comfy cutie in quarantine." — Skai Beauty