San Francisco Girls Love These 4 Vintage Stores

Vintage shopping can be hit or miss, but in our experience, the best places are the ones you find when wandering down an unknown street in a foreign city, or those you learn about from word-of-mouth. A fashionable friend is always a good bet for uncovering hidden gems that are brimming with cool vintage finds.

Curious to find out best spots for vintage fashion in San Francisco, we asked Ashley Kane of Brunch on Chestnut to weigh in. She’s a San Francisco local and has got the whole California-girl style down. Think cool denim, leather slides, and straw basket bags. So when she told us her go-to spots for the perfect pair of worn-in Levi’s, band T-shirts, and even vintage Céline bags, we knew they were ones worth bookmarking. Want to find out her list of must-see thrift stores in San Francisco.

Keep reading to see the four vintage stores that made her list.

Simply Chic | Marina District

Simply Chic is at the top of my list to visit as it's so close to home and is beautifully maintained and organized for a vintage shop. You'll find treasures in the form of Cartier, Hermès, Tiffany's, vintage Gucci, Chanel, Celine, YSL, and more. I personally love checking out the bags and Hermès scarves. At Simply Chic, there's less digging and more debating on what to buy.

(Note to SF locals: SC has my Céline black belt bag in the window right now.)

Wallflower | Mission District

I popped in recently and found myself in vintage jean heaven! The shop is quaint, cozy, and full of character. Here you'll find a curation of amazing denim, vintage tees, and accessories with a nod to the '60s and '70s.

Wasteland | Haight

This was the first vintage shop I bookmarked when I moved here eight years ago, and it's still a favorite. The shop is huge and packed to the brim with great vintage denim, tees, cocktail dresses, and accessories. I have scored a handful of awesome basic tees by Vince and Rag & Bone and found a perfect pair of Levi's.

No | Mission District

I love this place for its thoughtful curation. It's refreshingly small and organized so not overwhelming. I love that it feels highly curated, so it's much easier to find a few treasures to bring home. I love the vintage jewelry and always end up buying a couple of fun silk pieces and denim.

Go on to shop for pieces you'll find in any California girl's wardrobe.