I Thrift Almost All My Outfits—Here Are My Coolest Finds Of 2020

As I've run out of tv shows and movies to watch, I've delved into watching people's upcycling videos and thrift hauls in my free time. Since vintage silhouettes and styles are trending, it can be easy to find trendy pieces from secondhand shops that may even be cooler than what's on the current market. While I was an avid thrifter in college, I still struggled to take the pieces amongst the dozens of racks and figure out how to incorporate them into my everyday outfits effortlessly. Luckily, girls like Hodan Yousuf and Emiliana Lahrssen and have taken to TikTok on Instagram to show how they style secondhand pieces they find into a variety of outfits. 

One of my favorite follows as of recent has been Hodan, who's known for her androgynous and modest style, and how she mixes unique thrifted pieces into her everyday wardrobe. She continues to impress me with new ways to style basic items like cropped blazers and relaxed trousers in more ways by thinking out-of-the-box with layering. Since she's a thrifting pro, I asked her about her love of secondhand shopping and her favorite finds of the year, along with some styling inspiration.

If you can make it to a thrift store, you may be able to get your hands on similar items and take some styling cues from Hodan to find hidden gems. If you can't make it to shop in person, I've scoured secondhand finds online for you to shop, but act quickly before someone snatches them up. 

What do you love about thrifting? Do you have any tips or advice for people who want to be more sustainable and look towards thrifting more clothing items?

"What I love most is that you never know what on earth you’ll find. The suspense alone is everything, and every buy is one of a kind and has a history. This really helped me find my own personal style, as there are no limitations or judgment, and the sky’s the limit. You don't really have to follow trends or concepts, you’re free to pick whatever you like and dress however you choose. Plus you are saving money and helping the environment, which is awesome. For anyone looking to experiment and expand their wardrobe, I would recommend looking into secondhand shopping to explore that."

Is there anything specific in terms of a fashion item or trend you're eyeing to thrift or buy in 2021?

"For the upcoming year, I will continue to explore more unisex looks. I usually don't look at trends and do my own thing regardless of it being popular but there are a few brands like George Keburia and Simone Rocha that are heavily inspiring me in many ways. For instance, I love the pastel colors and the tailored fit that George Keburia includes in his designs. I hope to incorporate some of their pieces into my wardrobe in the coming year."

Hodan's favorite finds:



"I love a good trench coat, I’ve paired this with a blazer on top!"

Style Tip: Layer different lengths of outerwear to create a dimensional look.

"I love buying men's silk shirts. They pair great with dress pants on a hot summer day."

Style Tip: Pair funky prints with all black for an easy yet bold look.

"I love finding school uniform skirts. I took two different ones and sewed them to make this asymmetrical skirt, and I'm in love with it."

Style Tip: Think outside of the box and layer skirts, either with pants underneath for some 2021 runway styling or over another skirt or dress.

"I love colorful dresses to thrift. This one was only $12 and it fits like a glove."

Style Tip: For a twist on the typical dress look, throw on an oversized blazer. 

"This oversized men's leather jacket is another favorite. It's pretty much a must for everyone regardless of gender."

Style Tip: Don't be afraid to incorporate menswear pieces into your outfits. 


"I got these men's dress pants for under $10, but I cut them and love how it turned out."

Style Tip: You can still wear shorter length items in the colder seasons, just pair them with stockings or tall boots.

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