I Keep a Running List Called "Things to Buy"—Here's What's on It

As a fashion editor, I come across a lot of stuff that I want to buy. After forgetting to purchase something that I meant to go back and buy a few too many times, I started keeping a "Things to Buy" list, which is basically just a list of remarkable items that I keep in the Notes app of my iPhone.

From what I've gathered over the years, there are two types of people in life: those who make lists and those who don't. I absolutely fall into the former and think that keeping a running fashion items shopping list is as crucial as keeping a grocery shopping list. It helps me to avoid impulse buys and instead save my money for things I actually need (or just really want). Sure, I can't buy everything I want, but I can at least keep track of it all just in case.

At the moment, my Things to Buy list is pretty seasonally appropriate, with the emphasis being on boots, pants, sweaters, and jewelry that won't get lost in my outerwear. Feel free to copy me or make a list of your own if I've inspired you. Either way, I'm flattered. Shop what's currently on my Things to Buy list below!