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Welcome to our New Website series, where twice a month we'll be featuring an e-retailer that we love and know our readers will too. Whether it's an old but under-the-radar favorite or a newly launched label, you'll want to report back to your friends with these finds (or maybe keep them to yourself)!

If you haven't stumbled upon The Undone on Instagram, you've probably found yourself on the account of its co-founder Sara Donaldson (the blogger behind Harper and Harley), likely coveting one of her many on-point outfits. At least we have, which is why two months ago, we, along with fashion girls everywhere, rejoiced at the news that she and her partner, Georgia Martin, were launching The Undone. 

The multibrand e-commerce shop based in Australia ships a roster of covetable brands all over the world. Elin Kling and the Olsen twins are women who perfectly embody their aesthetic, and the site is a treasure chest of statement-making pieces, all with minimalism at their core. To give you more of an in-depth look at what we love about the site, we recently chatted Martin, and she answered all of our pressing questions.

Scroll through to read the full interview, and then continue to shop our top picks from The Undone!

WHO WHAT WEAR: Can you give us a brief history of how, when, and why you launched your site? 

GEORGIA MARTIN: The Undone is a collaboration between Sara Donaldson from the blog Harper and Harley and myself. Sara and I have been friends for a long time, and actually met when we moved in together six years ago as complete strangers.

Over the years, we ended up working together and were constantly tossing out ideas of starting a new project. The Undone was staring us in the face: We have backgrounds in e-commerce, PR, styling, and branding, so it made sense. We launched two months ago, and it's been exciting to create something of our own that speaks to our strengths and aesthetics.

WWW: You describe your e-shop as an online store for the effortless minimalist—what does that mean to you? Are there any It girls who embody that look?

GM: It's women who dress with ease and look effortless but also are refined and cool. The women we feel perfectly embody the "effortless minimalist" idea are women like Emmanuelle Alt, Elin Kling, Ilona Hamer, Vanessa Traina, Columbine Smille, and The Olsens.

WWW: How does social media play into your business? 

GM: Social media plays a huge role in our business. We are an online store; we don't have a physical space, so our equivalent of "foot traffic" is social media, essentially. It's how lots of our customers first find and interact with our brand, and it's essential for keeping front of mind and giving them a fresh and more conversational way to engage and understand what The Undone is all about.

WWW: How has being based in Australia—which is not only far from the other fashion capitals but also has opposite seasons!—affected your aesthetic?

GM: I think the Australian aesthetic is very relaxed and cool. It's no-nonsense, which works for us. The Undone is all about elevated essentials and key refined pieces. In terms of seasonal relevance, while we are based in Australia, we have an international mind-set and ship internationally.

Also having a mix of local Australian designers and international designers allows us to offer a diverse range of pieces at any given time. It's a global and trans-seasonal approach that offers women a quality edit of pieces that will carry them through multiple seasons and occasions, not just one.

WWW: What are the biggest trends or specific pieces you're seeing your customers buying for fall? 

GM: The Undone isn't specifically trend driven, but if a trend comes up that we love and can see our customer interpreting, we will jump on it. We have been seeing a keen interest in classic pieces with a modern interpretation.

Currently that includes any denim piece with a unique detail, like the Rachel Comey Slim Legion and Trigger jeans. Also, there has been lots of support for the cropped-flare shape that's around this season. 

Another classic piece that has been selling very well is shirting. They are classic button-down collared shirts, but with a twist. Exaggerated sleeves from Anna Quan, an open back from Dion Lee, or corset details from Ellery have been really popular.

WWW: You carry a really eclectic and international roster of brands—how do you go about choosing which brands to sell?

GM: Each brand we stock both Sara and I really believe in. They are brands that we wear and love, and all have a unique aesthetic and mix of versatile and distinct pieces. When we are looking at a new brand, we firstly have to have that immediate reaction—we need to be excited by what we are seeing and feel they bring something uniquely strong to our roster of brands. We also want to have mix of brands that you may not be able to find everywhere else, and also those cult favorites that you can't go past because they create the best pieces. 

WWW: Are there any Australian brands our U.S. readers simply need to know about?

GM: We love supporting Australian brands, especially our emerging designers. For resort, we have two joining our roster that we are very excited to have on board. Firstly, Kacey Devlin. Her pieces don't use any fastening, so they are extremely unique in terms of silhouette and also fabrications, as it's a sustainable brand. The other is Elissa McGowan, a tightly curated offering of refined, beautiful pieces. Australia is also having a jewelry moment. Two brands, Natasha Schweitzer and Holly Ryan, are from Australian jewelers who hand-make each piece, and their designs are really unique.

WWW: What makes The Undone different from other e-retailers and brands?

GM: The Undone is different from many other retailers because we have a very refined and distinct aesthetic. We aren't trying to be everything to everyone. We aim to appeal to a certain woman who has her own minimalistic approach to style and prefers quality over quantity. We set out to make it easier for her to find the pieces she will love and that will make up her wardrobe's foundation.

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