The Art of Christmas Gifting, According to Sara Crampton


Ana Suntay-Tanedo for Harper & Harley

As we race towards the most wonderful time of the year, we're celebrating the art of Christmas gifting. While receiving is always fun, there's nothing quite like the feeling of finding the perfect gift for someone you love, even if you've had a little help along the way.

As we tackle the worldwide issue of consumption and landfill, we're encouraging our readers to practice some more mindful shopping, by communicating with your loved ones about presents and gifts. Some might say the best course of action is to shun the tradition of gifting all together, but we still love the idea of wrapping up something special for a loved one.

We asked Sara Crampton of The UNDONE and Harper & Harley to share her method of gifting, and whether it's rude or inappropriate to share a wishlist with loved ones. "I’m a big believer in openly communicating with your loved ones about presents and gift giving over the holiday period. Talk about budgets, what you need and also what you just purely want, and share your wishlists with one another. The worst thing possible is for someone to buy something that will not be used. It is bad for the receiver (they are left with something that they don’t want), it's bad for the gift giver (they’ve wasted their money) and it's bad for the environment. I hate waste and I hate mass consumption. Wishlists are perfect as you can curate an edit of all the things you want or need and then it's up to the gift giver to choose which one they would like to give you. There is still an element of surprise, and eliminates any disappointment or waste." 

And we completely agree! Below, Sara's shared her wishlist (hint-hint to her family reading!) and we have to say, every piece is worth adding to our own.


"I love a practical present and believe, just like you can never have too many swimsuits, the same rule applies for towels. This Matteau towel is my favourite, it's so big and luxe!" 

"These earrings by Melbourne jewellery designer By Nye are the perfect event earrings to dress up your look over the festive season."

"This dress is so effortless yet put together, and the colour is a nice addition to my wardrobe palette for summer. I can definitely see this one being on constant rotation." 

"I’m a big Beauty Chef fan so to receive this as a gift would be very well received and probably very much needed to get my body back on track after the festivities." 

Opening image: Harper & Harley

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