We Tried The Nue Co.'s Latest Topical Skincare Supplement, and It Might Be Magic

It's no secret the supplement business is booming. (And honestly, "booming" could be considered an understatement.) According to a report executed by Grand View Research, experts predict the demand for dietary and nutritional supplements across the globe will continue to rise with a projection for the market to reach $230.73 billion by 2027. So no, the economic weather forecast shows no sign of a tide change where our obsession with vitamin- and mineral-spiked tablets, capsules, liquids, and powders is concerned.

Of course, we also know that not all supplements are created equally and that investing in high-quality, truly efficacious formulas requires research, patience, and, yes, a consult with a trusted physician. (For the record, we never recommend starting any kind of new supplement regimen without speaking to your doctor first.) One brand, in particular, that has catapulted to fame—especially among the beauty and fashion set—is The Nue Co., a sleek, chicly packaged label dedicated to "redefining" the world of supplements. 



Founded by Jules Miller (whose grandfather was an English scientist committed to developing vitamins and supplements), The Nue Co. came to life in 2017 with the specific goal of redefining the relationship we have with our health, shouting a collective nay to the disturbing fact that most supplements contain ingredients that are 50% chemical preservatives and fillers. Welp. 

According to my research and a quick perusal of The Nue Co.'s website, the brand takes pride in melding the two *often* divergent worlds of science and natural innovation to strategically concoct effective yet body-kind supplement formulations. The brand's products feature clinically proven ingredients and follow long-honored practices from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. The Nue Co. chooses specific vehicles like tinctures, time-delayed capsules, and powders to enhance the absorption, quality standard, and sustainability of its carefully composed products, and each and every one of its well-being elixirs is free of toxic preservatives, additives, and flavorings/sweeteners. Additionally, the specialized ingredients are responsibly sourced, with 95% of materials being infinitely recyclable. (The brand notes on its website it's hoping to reach 100% soon!)



Until recently, and with exception to a few beloved products like the Functional Fragrance ($30), Topical - C ($70), and Magnesium Ease ($55), The Nue Co. singularly carried digestible supplements in the aforementioned forms of tinctures, capsules, and powders. However, with its foray into topical skincare, the brand has launched an exciting, new skin supplement in the form of a serum designed to be applied every morning after cleansing and before moisturizing. Conceptualized as a one-stop-shop skin antidote, The Nue Co.'s latest innovation is called The Pill ($85), and truth be told, it just might be the brand's most exciting launch yet. Keep scrolling to learn everything you need to know about the latest addition to The Nue Co. family and to see our editor-tested reviews and selfies. 

An Overview: Why The Pill Is the Best Kind of Skin Prescription



As we mentioned, one of the unique pillars of The Nue Co. is its unique new-age-science-meets-old-world-medicine formulaic philosophy. Just like the brand's preceding roster of clean supplements, The Pill combines the best of both clinical and natural skincare findings in the form of a single-dose serum brimming with 27 nontoxic actives. These actives are skillfully brewed, so you're able to effortlessly layer all of the most skin-efficacious acids on the market sans confusion, thought, or potential safety or skin risks. For anyone who has ever felt flustered or unsure when it comes to layering skincare products, The Pill ($80) will be a regimen-streamlining dream come true. 

Another positive side effect is that you'll notice both instantaneous and long-term results. The formula specifically targets puffiness, inflammation, and complexion-dulling dehydration in three unique ways to ensure you enjoy the delightful buzz of instant gratification alongside enduring, long-lasting results. Essentially, The Pill has the addictive appeal of a quick-fix complexion solution but with buildable, long-lasting, skin-improving powers as well. Dreamy, eh? 

"The Pill instantly brightens, exfoliates, hydrates, plumps, and tightens to create a ‘second skin’ effect," notes an official press release we received from the brand. "Then, long-term, consistent once-daily application will also support the production of collagen and procollagen, reduce breakouts, increase skin hydration, and decrease fine lines."

On its website, The Nue Co. provides the following findings in terms of results:

In three minutes: "89% of consumer testers reported instantly tighter, less puffy skin within three minutes of using The Pill. 95% of consumer testers reported instantly smoother and brighter skin within three minutes of using The Pill."

In six weeks: "87% of consumer testers reported more hydrated skin within six weeks of using The Pill daily every morning. 94% of consumer testers reported more radiant skin within six weeks of using The Pill daily every morning."

What It Does & How It Works

Tightens and Decreases Inflammation: The Pill precisely targets skin inflammation using specific plant actives and proven calming compounds like grape-seed extract, glycyrrhizinate dipotassium (aka licorice-root extract), CBD, caffeine, and plant-based isoamyl laurate. They work harmoniously to reduce irritation and damage while tightening, hydrating, soothing, and softening the skin to keep the complexion's important lipid barrier intact and happily balanced. 

Plumps and Moisturizes: Dew- and hydration-inducing humectants like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, galactoarabinan (GA/larch extract), and sodium PCA (the skin's natural moisturizing factor) tag team to ensure your skin can maintain healthy levels of moisture long-term while delivering smooth, ultra-plump results to the skin immediately. 

Brightens and Exfoliates: The gang's all here! A dream-team complex of plant-derived AHAs like lactic, glycolic, mandelic, citric, malic, and tartaric acids come from lush sources like passionfruit, bilberry, and pineapple to gently resurface and brighten congested and dull skin. As a reminder, AHAs offer a chemical method of exfoliation as an alternative to physical exfoliation (e.g., scrubs) that can sometimes be harsh and irritating—especially for those with sensitive, easily provoked skin. The magic of AHAs happens when said acids dissolve the gummed-up bonds between skin cells, removing all of the dead stuff and, in turn, revealing softer, super-smooth skin.

How to Dose Your Skin



As far as your application protocol, the brand recommends a once-daily, morning-only dosage. Simply cleanse, apply two hearty pumps of The Pill all over your face, allow it to soak in for about two full minutes (brush your teeth!), and then moisturize.

Since this serum contains everything except the kitchen sink in terms of skin-loving ingredients, there's no need to add any additional toners or serums into the mix. That said, the brand notes on its website that The Pill can safely be used alongside its holy-grail, ingestible formulas Skin Filter ($60) and Skin Hydrator ($45) daily. You can also safely use The Pill in conjunction with Topical - C ($70). Just start slowly and work your way up to your normal dose of C to minimize any potential skin irritation. Remember, vitamin C is another highly active ingredient, so we recommend sticking by the brand's best practices for optimal results. 

The Editor Reviews

Courtney Higgs, Associate Beauty Editor



Rating: 4.5/5 stars

"I'm not new to super-active serums, so any new product that claims to be more effective than the ones already on my vanity gets an immediate side-eye from me. Usually, I find that any company trying to push a 'miracle product' is really just pushing a bottle full of buzzy ingredients at percentages so high that they do make a significant difference right away but can also cause long-term damage to the skin barrier. As such, I tread lightly when it comes to serums that contain a ton of acids.

"On the other hand, everything I know about The Nue Co. leads me to believe that the brand really prioritizes research and the use of clean, bioavailable ingredients that call in science and ancient medicinal practices for full-spectrum support. I think this serum represents that ethos perfectly. While it's meant to resurface and renew the skin for big results on the outside, the formula also targets underlying issues like inflammation and hydration that super-active serums don't always take into account.

"I've toyed with using it both at night and in the morning, and even though the texture does remind me more of a daytime serum for some reason, I typically prefer to use my actives at nighttime. One evening, I layered the potent blend as the first step after a physical exfoliation, and the next morning, my skin looked so plump and smooth I could hardly believe my eyes. I have to admit that layering a formula with lactic, glycolic, citric, malic, and tartaric acids after buffing my skin probably isn't something I'd do again (that's just too much exfoliation!), but the results were so dreamy and proved to me just how potent and effective this serum is. I've been using it for over a week now and am really loving the results so far. Plus, it's clean! The only reason this serum doesn't get five stars from me is that I've found the recommended dose of two pumps isn't enough to spread evenly over my face and neck, so I can see it running out pretty quickly. At the price point, that's not ideal."



Erin Jahns, Beauty Editor



Rating: 4.5/5 stars

"I'll start this out by saying the one and only reason this serum isn't getting a full five-star rating from me is I simply haven't tried it long enough to provide a completely fair and objective review (especially considering the brand says half of the touted magic will be noticed more long-term, after about six full weeks or so). That said, I can very happily report a review on what I have noticed in the mere one week I've been slathering my face with the stuff: a new plump, bouncy, ultra-supple skin texture; a refined yet visible dewy glow (no oiliness or greasiness!); and an undoubtedly smoother, more refined skin texture. 

"While I'm very open about trying new haircare, bodycare, and makeup products with abandon, I'm annoyingly picky and scrupulous when it comes to what I put on my face. I read every last ingredient in anything that comes within a three-foot proximity of my complexion, and I'm wary of anything with lots of different actives or with fluffy marketing that makes a product seem too good to be true. So even though I've been a longtime fan of The Nue Co. and many of their ingestible supplements, I was immediately suspicious of a serum that's marketed to basically erase the need of my cabinet full of serums and tonics. The sheer number of acids and plant-based ingredients also made me nervous because my skin is incredibly sensitive and acne-prone, and anything with too much vim and vigor, or anything too natural, never typically sits well with my finicky complexion. 

"However, this serum has forced me to eat my worry. Courtney and I both vowed to apply the serum daily for a week straight, and I swear we ended up texting each other almost every morning of our experiment exclaiming how surprised and very much infatuated we were with The Pill. Thus far, I've experienced zero irritation (not even a sting!) from the potent formula, and the botanical ingredients have led to nary a pimple. Instead, I've only noticed completely positive results. Soft, luminous, plump, dewy, completely healthy-looking skin.

"Acid- and active-containing serums are infamous for their signature funky smells (think apple cider vinegar, decaying garbage, rotting flesh… kidding, kind of), but other than an ever so slight tinge of something slightly ACV-ish, there is no overwhelming odor to this, which makes it super tolerable and, heck, even enjoyable to apply each morning. All in all, this serum is super yummy, and my skin has been noticeably happier and well-behaved since I started using it. Again, I can't report on the purported long-term results, but I can vouch for all of the instantaneous, sparkly ones. I've been applying it after I double cleanse each morning (I swipe my face first with Sephora Collection's Triple Action Cleansing Water - Cleanse + Purify before going in with Shani Darden's Cleansing Serum) and before I apply my moisturizer for the day—usually Renée Rouleau's Skin Recovery Lotion ($44)."



More Best-Selling Supplements From The Nue Co.

These skincare-supplement capsules feature a patented blend of vitamin C, zinc, champagne grape seed, and melon to improve the severity of sun damage (hello, luminosity!), pigmentation, acne, and skin elasticity. 

The brand's clinically studied phytoceramides play nicely with hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, and aloe vera and come packaged in easy-to-swallow capsules. This formula is designed to help repair the skin's water barrier so that moisture remains locked inside your complexion for ultimate suppleness and hydration.

You can easily add this convenient, C-spiked powder to your favorite serum or moisturizer to increase your skin's natural collagen product, firmness, and radiance.

This specialized gua sha–inspired tool is designed to enhance the benefits your skin will reap from The Pill. It works to instantly de-puff and tighten the skin while simultaneously improving lymphatic drainage.

These capsules feature cayenne, cinnamon, and green coffee bean to combat the telltale symptoms of a sluggish metabolism like fatigue, headaches, sugar cravings, and constipation.

The Nue Co. describes this best-selling formula as "a multivitamin for your hormones." Essential vitamins aid the metabolism of serotonin, dopamine, and melatonin while ashwagandha root keeps cortisol levels and stress surges at bay.

This fast-acting powder takes inspiration from traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines and utilizes ancient carminative herbs like turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon along with digestive enzymes to banish painful bloating while improving digestion and the overall health of your gut.

If you're in need of a more-targeted bloating elixir, Debloat + is the brand's best-selling formula and contains a clinically proven symphony of gut helpers, including 17 digestive enzymes and healing Ayurvedic extracts. 

For optimal gut health, immunity, and glowing skin, these comprehensive capsules contain 15 billion spores per dose and were specifically formulated to address and ease symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other long-term digestive issues that hinder gut health.

Last but not least, beauty sleep is impeccably important to a healthy-skin journey. The Nue Co.'s nonaddictive Sleep Drops drip with extracts from valerian root, passionflower, catnip, and chamomile to promote a quality night's rest.

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